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  • 1.  afterDelete LCA hooks

    Reltio Partner
    Posted 05-16-2024 10:57
    Hi team,
    Could you please assist us with the following questions?
    1. Is it possible to use the afterDelete hook on a relationship?
    2. If yes, can we retrieve the start object entity ID (parent entity) from the ILifeCycleObjectData?
    We need to create a string by combining all the labels/information of the relations associated with an entity.
    Currently, we are using the afterSave hook on the relation. When a relation is created, we extract the start object URI, retrieve all information, and concatenate them.
    However, when we delete a relation, the afterSave hook on the relation is not triggered.
    We noticed that the relation DELETE API is called in the backend and are considering using the afterDelete hook on the same relation.
    Thank you.

    Sameer Kumar Sahu
    Fresh Gravity

  • 2.  RE: afterDelete LCA hooks

    Reltio Employee
    Posted 05-21-2024 05:17

    Hi Sameer,

    Saurabh Agarwal