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  • 1.  Entity export pulling all relationships

    Posted 05-20-2024 07:53

    Hey there everyone,

    I was trying to export the entities and their corresponding relationships. But ended up with this behavior where all the entities having that specific relationship is being exported.

    So here's what I did.

    1. In the Advanced Search, an entity type is selected along with a WHERE filter clause for a specific attribute. (Let's say this search result pulled one profile where this profile has only one relationship item)
    2. Export option is chosen, where the necessary entity attributes to export and the corresponding relationship type of this entity is selected.
    3. Export Operational Values only, CSV Flattened and Produce a single output file is selected.
    4. The job is triggered to Run.

    Now, we will have 2 jobs. One to export the entity and another to export the relationships. And, we are expecting one row each in the entity export and the relations export.

    The entity export is turning out to be fine. But the relations export is pulling all the entities that are having this relationship, rather than pulling the relationship of this only profile which I queries for.

    This is incorrect and this is not something that is expected to be exported. If we need the all the entities of that specific relationship, we can use the Export feature in the Console, that than using a query expecting the relationship of only that entity to be exported.

    Is that any other way to resolve this or achieve the requirement by any workaround?

    Nidheesh Radhakrishnan
    MDM Developer

  • 2.  RE: Entity export pulling all relationships
    Best Answer

    Reltio Employee
    Posted 05-27-2024 15:55

    Hi Nideesh,

    Have you seen this conversation?

    I think you can get what you are looking for via API.

    Regarding your problem with the export and the advanced search, have you filed a ticket?

    Gino Fortunato
    Senior Solution Engineer

  • 3.  RE: Entity export pulling all relationships

    Posted 05-29-2024 11:34

    Thanks much @Gino Fortunato! We haven't filed a ticket yet as we are yet to receive the access to the Reltio Support Portal.

    We have to leverage this Search Connections API to export the results in a desired file format. Would be great if we are already able to do that using Reltio Data Export.

    Nidheesh Radhakrishnan
    MDM Developer