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  • 1.  ID Generation Cleanser

    Posted 23 days ago

    Hi Folks,

    We have a requirement to generate a randomized MDM ID for an entity. We created a cleanser function , deployed it  in AWS and are referring to this cleanser in the entity's cleanse config. We are passing the MDM ID into the cleanse config as input and also getting it as output.

    So during the initial entity creation, as the profile doesn't has any MDM ID, the cleanser generates the ID.

    During the update scenario, the initially generated ID is not getting passed back to the cleanse function and it generates a new ID again.

    The question I have is -  data generated via cleanser functions does not gets passed back into the cleanse function? Is that the behaviour? If yes, is there a way to change this behaviour?

    Aditya Somayajula

  • 2.  RE: ID Generation Cleanser

    Reltio Employee
    Posted 22 days ago

    Hi Aditya,

    Please can you explain why are you not using the OOTB UUID ID generator?



    Saurabh Agarwal