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  • 1.  Ingesting NPI data from Data Tenant to Customer Tenant

    Reltio Partner
    Posted 21 days ago

    Hi All,

    How can we pull the NPI data from Data tenant to Customer Tenant?

    Can anybody suggest how the connectivity between Data Tenant and Customer tenant established?What is the process to do this?

    Anindya Ray Misra

  • 2.  RE: Ingesting NPI data from Data Tenant to Customer Tenant

    Posted 19 days ago
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    Hi Anindya,

    Way before RIH (Reltio Integrations Hub), DTSS was the way to configure to access and bring in data from external data sources like NPI. Its called Data Tenant Subscriber Services. Using which, the data from NPI will be hosted within Reltio instance as a Data Tenant and there will be match rules between Customer Tenant (CT) and the Data Tenant (DT) using DTSS. We could go to the DT within Reltio and download a particular entity (HCP, HCO or Location) using a cloud icon present next to each record. It will then brought into CT and allows you to do whatever you plan to do with it or even push it to downstream applications like reporting, CRM etc. Attached screenshot can show you how it looks once configured using DTSS. With RIH, it will done differently though. Hope this helps.

    Bhaskar Nunna