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RuleBasedAttributes not working for reference

  • 1.  RuleBasedAttributes not working for reference

    Posted 20 days ago

    Hello experts,

    We are trying to implement the ruleBasedAttributes feature for our reference attribute as well.

    Example: We have an entity type called State which is one of the reference attributes inside another entity type called Country. The State has a ruleBasedAttributes definition which shows ZipCode attribute only when the Is ZipCode Available attribute is set to True.

    Now, this is functioning well when creating the State profile directly. But not working when trying to create from the Country entity type.

    I see the below point in Reltio documentation. But is there any other approach to do this?

    • A conditional attribute can be a simple, nested, or reference attribute. Sub attributes of nested and reference attributes can't be used as conditional attributes.

    • A conditional attribute must belong to the same entity as the control attribute.

    Nidheesh Radhakrishnan
    MDM Developer