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  • 1.  String Cleansing

    Reltio Partner
    Posted 15 days ago

    i am having Nested Attribute Zip which consist Zip4 & Zip5

    in the Zip 4 some time ten digit code is populated eg.12345-6789

    but want this to populate like 
    Zip4 =1234


    Zip =12345-6789
    How to achieve this to without Using RIH   ?

    Pravin Biradar

  • 2.  RE: String Cleansing

    Founding Member
    Posted 14 days ago

    Hi Pravin, Reltio Address cleanser(Loqate) already takes care of this for verified addresses. If you are not using then String cleanser might help

    Ashish Rawat
    Sr. Manager
    Fresh Gravity