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    Posted 19 days ago

    Hello everyone,

    I was going through some of the ideas that were created in the Reltio ideas portal and thought of voting it and sharing it over here to increase the chances of getting it into the priority list.

    Kindly take your time in seeing if the below ideas looks promising and would be a key enhancement to be made in Reltio and cast your votes please.

    S.No Idea# Description
    1 MDM-I-6 Have a framework to support customisation of error messages / UI popups
    2 MDM-I-595 Customizable error messages in the UI
    3 MDM-I-395 Enable Cardinality on Relations
    4 MDM-I-365 Enhancement for "Required" Field
    5 MDM-I-1783 DCR: Suggest new profile and suggest its relationships
    6 MDM-I-1747 Display Account Hierarchy Path with the Active relation only that is set on the profiles hierarchy parent field.
    7 MDM-I-1741 Ability to configure data format and number format based on client requirement
    8 MDM-I-1739 Ability to configure comments as mandatory for workflows
    9 MDM-I-1737 Ability to Save a relation in one step instead of two steps (Apply and Save)
    10 MDM-I-1735 Advanced Search: add Excludes as an operator value
    11 MDM-I-1679 User should able to provide DCR comments while suggesting a new entity
    12 MDM-I-1618 Allow the ability to download DCR data from the UI
    13 MDM-I-1481 Ability to default attributes in edit view
    14 MDM-I-1398 Display all attributes view in entity profile

    Nidheesh Radhakrishnan
    MDM Developer

  • 2.  RE: Vote for ideas

    Reltio Employee
    Posted 19 days ago

    Thanks @Nidheesh Radhakrishnan for putting these together!

    Chris Detzel
    Director of Customer Community and Engagement