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  • 1.  D&B implementation

    Posted 08-01-2022 11:38
    Dear community members,

    we have been implementing Reltio D&B interfrace, and have had multiple campaigns of D&B matching on our current organization data. As of today, we have approx 2,5M orgnization records with D&B ID (=DUNS) out of 5M.
    In the process we have also collected a lot of organization records with the same DUNS ID. (note: our definition of an organization entity is the same as the one from D&B)

    I was wondering if any of you as gone through a similar implementation and would be willing to share experience?

    Thanks for your contributions :o)

    Loic tordo
    Global Director - Customer and Vendor Master Data
    Schneider Electric

  • 2.  RE: D&B implementation

    Reltio Employee
    Posted 08-03-2022 02:15
    Hi Loic,

    Based on what you described I see your match rate is approx 50%. To improve the match rate, you can probably take the below steps (not in any particular order):

    1. Improve the input data quality, especially name and address. Having State or Region populated in the address helps improve the matching
    2. Use national identifiers or tax identifiers as one of the inputs while matching (this drastically improved the match rate for many of our customers)
    3. Use match grade pattern and match data profile (MDP) on top of confidence code for auto decisioning of matches. You can find a whitepaper about this here

    Most of our customer's consolidate the profiles that got the same DUNS number. The premise is that D&B assigns DUNS number based on matching with highly accurate reference data which is better than probabilistic string matching, so the chances of two profiles with same DUNS numbers and not being duplicates is fairly low. 

    However, based on your business use case, you also have an option of keeping those profiles separate or send them for data stewards' review.

    Please let me know if you have any questions.

    Snehil Kamal
    Solution Architect

  • 3.  RE: D&B implementation

    Posted 08-03-2022 05:25

    Thanks a lot Snekhil.

    I will take that to the team, I particular the point 3 you mention.

    Kind regards