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Welcome to the Reltio Master Data Management Community. We call this Reltio Connect,  a place where you can connect to Master Data Management professionals in the space of MDM.

If you use Reltio for Master Data Management and need help or if you are an Master Data Management professional, this is a place for you to ask questions, find answers, and share best practices. You can do it while you are with your peers, Reltio partners and employees. We are all here to help each other!

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  • Hi Everyone, We have a new Community and we are calling it the Reltio Integration Hub Community. Low-Code / No-Code (LCNC) data integration strategy has become a vital part of solving the Master Data Management puzzle. Join this vibrant Master ...

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  • Hi Gowthamprabhu, it depends. There are a few scenarios, please take a look at the password policy documentation and let me know if that answers your question. Thanks ------------------------------ ...

  • On what conditions, Reltio moves a user to Inactive state ? is there a specific period of inactvity needed for a user when Reltio can mark that user as Inactive ? ------------------------------ Gowthamprabhu Sivaraj AstraZeneca ------------------- ...

  • Hi Nitin, Yes, you can create many entities with a single POST API call. The Reltio Create Entity API accepts JSON array as a body meaning that you can pass many entity bodies. For more details and examples, you can check Reltio's documentation: Create ...

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  • Has anyone created a layer in their architecture for performant searches? Business requirements are 100-300 ms and we're challenged to get there with our API process and architecture. ------------------------------ Patti Reardon-Gordon Liberty Mutual ...

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  • Samuel J. Wilson's profile image

    Delta Detection - Streaming Merge/Unmerge Events

    Asked in: Reltio Connect

    Hi Team, When streaming merge/unmerge events while using Delta detection (payloadType: "DELTAS"), we notice that the "uris" ...

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    RE: Workflow Task Assignee Assignment time Details

    Answered in: Reltio Connect

    HI Sergio Abraham Loaded Reltio Employee Sergio Abraham Principal Product ManagerReltio ConnectMessage ...

  • Sergio Abraham's profile image

    RE: Workflow Task Assignee Assignment time Details

    Answered in: Reltio Connect

    Hi Karthi, do you have Analytics enabled? This data type is automatically pushed into the analytics data set in GBQ.

  • Danail Iliev's profile image

    RE: Match Rule to compare two different attributes ...

    Answered in: Reltio Connect

    Hello William, As far as I understand your problem, sounds like your solution might be using either the ExactMultiComparator ...

  • Ayan Basu's profile image

    RE: Daily dataloads in Reltio and processing time of ...

    Answered in: Reltio Connect

    Hi Leon, apologies for the delay in responding. Unfortunately we don't have any performance metrics to share with you just yet. ...

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