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Welcome to the Reltio Master Data Management Community. We call this Reltio Connect,  a place where you can connect to Master Data Management professionals in the space of MDM.

If you use Reltio for Master Data Management and need help or if you are an Master Data Management professional, this is a place for you to ask questions, find answers, and share best practices. You can do it while you are with your peers, Reltio partners and employees. We are all here to help each other!

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  • i'm assuming you want to identify them so you can get rid of them. The string cleanser will remove them with the 'trim' option. Documentation is at ...

  • Hi Chenchu, You can update mapping file as below to export multiple nested attributes via Potential match export utility FirstName LastName Addresses=2 Addresses.AddressType Addresses.ID Addresses.AddressLine1 Addresses.AddressLine2 Addresses.City ...

  • Thank you Ashish & Ranadip It will help these tips to merge duplicate values for lookup and email attributes. I really appreciate your response. ------------------------------ Nagaraju PwC ------------------------------

  • Thanks Gino, The regex which wasn't working via custom match rule, works with string replacement cleanser :) ------------------------------ Ashish Rawat Manager Fresh Gravity Bangalore ------------------------------

  • In which scenarios do they need to update entities directly without going through a DCR? I'd recommend restricting that kind of access so only changes through DCR are allowed. ------------------------------ Sergio Abraham Principal Product Manager Reltio ...

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  • Samuel J. Wilson's profile image

    RE: Does profile cloning work with an autogenerated ...

    Answered in: Reltio Connect

    Thanks @Gino Fortunato when I remove the HCP ID from the attributeReplacementMapping, it copies over the existing autogenerated ...

  • Gino Fortunato's profile image

    RE: Token Generation API is not working through Reltio ...

    Answered in: Reltio Connect

    thinking this through a bit more, shouldn't you be using the 'Connection' to reach the tenant vs. explicitly getting a token?

  • Chris Detzel's profile image

    RE: Restricting access for attributes based on attribute ...

    Answered in: Reltio Connect

    @Rahul Rajan I'm glad it's working. Thanks for coming to the community to post!​

  • Subhasish Chatterjee's profile image

    Different Custom DCR workflows based on entityType ...

    Asked in: Reltio Connect

    Following are 2 questions on DCR workflows :- 1. Can we trigger different custom DCR workflows based on different entityTypes ...

  • Saurabh Agarwal's profile image

    RE: How to Create Reltio ID for an Entity

    Answered in: Reltio Connect

    Hi Eren, Reltio Id feature is currently in EA. Please create a Zendesk ticket for Relto Support team so they can enable it ...

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