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A Low-Code / No-Code (LCNC) data integration strategy has become a vital part of solving the Master Data Management puzzle.

Join this vibrant Master Data Management Reltio community to learn how to build recipes and quickly integrate Reltio to any number of applications. Discuss best practices, find out about new tips and tricks from your peers.

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  • We have a Snowflake connector, we have a Google BigQuery connector. We are also building a Databricks Delta Lake-specific connector to connect to these analytics platforms. But besides that, using the Reltio Integration Hub, if there's nothing already ...

  • We find there is no connector using Databricks cluster within Reltio Integration Hub at the moment. ------------------------------ Chris Detzel Director of Customer Community and Engagement Reltio ------------------------------

  • They certainly could.. A service task is just Java code. And any Reltio Integration Hub process, if you write it to be exposed as an API, then it could certainly be called from the workflow itself. So Reltio Integration Hub could call the workflow or ...

  • For example - calling an external API from service task ------------------------------ Thanks, Snehil Kamal Solution Architect Reltio Bangalore ------------------------------

  • This question of volume comes up a lot. This is a cloud native platform on AWS it's because it sits on the cloud and it operates in the same way, like any other cloud software. There is no concern in terms of scalability or limitation in terms of volume ...

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