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Unanswered Threads

  • Posted in: Reltio Connect

    Good Day All! Our data governance team would like a copy of the Reltio Data Model for each entity type. I've added a new feature request to create an API to allow the export of Label, Name, Description, ...

  • Posted in: Reltio Connect

    Hello Experts, I've got several questions about the customization of Dashboards: 1) When using the 'has all' filter in advance search, reltio provides the necessary results. But when this filter is ...

  • Posted in: Reltio Connect

    Hi All, We're trying to update multiple rows (5) in a CSV file using the "Update rows" action within the SharePoint connector in RIH. However, we're encountering issues specifying the "list" value to ...

  • Posted in: Reltio Connect

    Hi All, We are using the Sharepoint Connector to download a .xlsx file from Sharepoint into the recipe. We can download the file, but it appears to be in an encoded format. In order to parse the data, ...

  • Posted in: Reltio Connect

    Hey there everyone, I was trying to export the entities and their corresponding relationships. But ended up with this behavior where all the entities having that specific relationship is being exported. ...

  • Posted in: Reltio Connect

    Hello, We have a requirement where we have multiple email attributes and need them to be compared to conclude it a match for a profile. It could happen that prospect email is missing and all other emails ...

  • Posted in: Reltio Connect

    1.What is the behavior of dnb monitoring framework when full product detail is selected and the notification type is "update" 2.How different is seed and update notification type in full product 3.Will ...

  • Posted in: Reltio Connect

    Hi Team, In my survivorship group, for all the attributes, Reltio is having the highest priority. But if the value from Reltio is having NULL for a particular attribute, then can we ignore Reltio crosswalk ...

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