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Unanswered Threads

  • Posted in: Reltio Connect

    Can Reltio load same data (source record with same source_id and source_system and source_table) in two different Reltio Entities? For example, if my source send a record for a site with address, can ...

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    DnB Batch Job Enrichment Query

    Posted in: Reltio Connect

    We have a Batch enrichment Job running with DnB using cron expression for one of our entity types. We are using s3Bucket, s3Path, s3Region and awsAccessKey for it. We want to run the same kind of Batch ...

  • Profile Picture

    Metadata Security

    Posted in: Reltio Connect

    Hi All, Does metadata security take into consideration only the ov values or non ov values too ? I made a metadata security to filter the confidential data records for a specific role, sample below ...

  • Posted in: Reltio Connect

    We have a requirement where customer First Name would be survived based the Source Priority along with last updated time from Source . As and example, (Source A, B, C) Source A is the highest Priority ...

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    D&B Connector | JOLT Mapping

    Posted in: Reltio Connect

    Hi Team, Just wanted to know about JOLT Mapping. I am trying to build the configuration from scratch. If anyone has any recommendation to be followed it will be of great help. Would like to connect ...

  • Posted in: Reltio Connect

    Hi team, I have a problem configuring API endpoint inside RIH. While I create a new recipe and try to create a trigger for that recipe, in the setup tab, I can give content type as 'application/json'. ...

  • Posted in: Reltio Connect

    With the Search Connections API , I can search for an individual entity and get any account entities that are connected to it. However, neither the individuals nor accounts will have any reference attributes ...

  • Posted in: Reltio Connect

    Hi All, When we tried to create a profile in Suggest mode , where as we don't see create relation button is not enabled . is it an excepted behavior , we are custom role. please find the below Role ...

MDM as the Launching Pad for Data Governance Journeys and Value Quantification

Implementing MDM requires bringing together several key data governance disciplines - policies, standards, roles, processes, and more. It also has a natural limited scope, typically focused on foundational domains like customers, products, suppliers. By taking on MDM properly, companies can establish data standards and best practices before expanding governance to other areas.

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