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Unanswered Threads

  • Posted in: Reltio Connect

    Would appreciate if you can vote for this idea. More details in the request. SFDC Connector to provide hierarchy information to Salesforce from Reltio ...

  • Posted in: Reltio Connect

    We have a scenario where we are deleting/deactivating the Source crosswalk with the help of Delete Date parameter in the Reltio Crosswalk section. Before we pass a Delete Date parameter in the crosswalk ...

  • Posted in: Reltio Connect

    Hi All, Please vote for one of the most awaited enhancement in Reltio MDM. Description: Reltio MDM should have the functionality to mask attributes data in Reltio UI e.g., SSN/TIN Link in Ada portal: ...

  • Posted in: Reltio Connect

    Hi! I am trying to configure the autogenerated crosswalk for one of our source: if I pass the crosswalk value, the entity should be created with this crosswalk, if not - with newly generated one. The ...

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    Vote for Ideas

    Posted in: Reltio Connect

    1. Make default survivorship rule configurable At present the default survivorship rule is recency that means all the attributes for which survivorship rule is not defined automatically recency is ...

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    Renaming Tenant ID

    Posted in: Reltio Connect

    Is it possible to rename the ID of the tenant to a different one ( Something like customername-dev etc )? I know there is a way to update the name of the tenant , but checking if its possible to update ...

  • Posted in: Reltio Connect

    Hi, Can anyone help me with a sample mapping for nested attributes to a separate Salesforce object. For example we have address configured as nested attribute in Organization entity. We are mapping organization ...

  • Posted in: Reltio Connect

    is this feature available on new UI for Potential matches??As i am not able to see Add Relationship option ------------------------------ Varsha Gore Capgemini India services Pune ---------------- ...

Demystifying Entity Data as a Product: An Introduction to Data Mesh and DaaP for Customer Data

We dive into the world of entity data as a product (DaaP) within the data mesh framework, with a specific focus on customer data. We explore the challenges of data fragmentation and how data mesh provides a solution. We highlight the role of Reltio, a data unification solution, in harnessing the value of customer data. We discuss the benefits of implementing DaaP for customer data and provide a step-by-step overview of how to implement it using Reltio. By emphasizing the significance of recognizing customer data as a valuable asset and leveraging DaaP to drive innovation and gain a competitive edge in the data-driven landscape.

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