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Unanswered Threads

  • Posted in: Reltio Connect

    Hi There, We have requirement like while creating hierarchy we only want to show Profile based on some filter like: show all the profiles for which "HierarchyLevel" is 1. How to achieve this please ...

  • Posted in: Reltio Connect

    hello Team, we are seeing latency issues /slowness for data load process in Reltio. For loading 50 records into a entitiy having 7 attributes(5 simple and 2 nested) attributes its takes 1.2mins ...

  • Posted in: Reltio Connect

    hello Team, We have one MDM business process whose data needs to be secured, restricted as part of SOX complaince. So far we are planning to bringin the entities of these BP also into the same ...

  • Posted in: Reltio Connect

    hi Team, I would like to understand if there is an option to restrict users in viewing and modifying RDM data objects values(LOVs) on RDM tenant. For one of the secured MDM tenant, we are trying ...

  • Posted in: Reltio Connect

    Need to remove a string "test" from the firstname. Since Scrub is removing the characters, tried PatternBasedFieldCleanser to remove the entire string . But its not working as expected. FirstName ...

  • Posted in: Reltio Connect

    Hi, I am trying to create DCR workflow. What values should go into below user task parameters: 1. Assignee - Should I add user name here? 2. Candidate users - Should I add user email id here? 3. Candidate ...

  • Posted in: Reltio Connect

    Hi All, Is it possible to change the hover icon from "?" to something like "i" to make it user friendly ------------------------------ Ashish Rawat Sr. Manager Fresh Gravity Bangalore --------- ...

  • Posted in: Reltio Connect

    Can we achieve language specific Localization at a very granular level like User-defined columns, validation, and error messages must appear in a specific language in Reltio? Please sugggest. ------------------------------ ...



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Discover how FERN addresses the challenges of traditional rule-based entity resolution by automating high-accuracy, real-time matching with pre-trained models. Learn about FERN's ability to understand subtle differences in match pairs, reduce false positives, and minimize the need for manual data stewardship. Suchen demonstrates FERN's user-friendly interface, showcasing how it seamlessly integrates with Reltio's platform, allowing users to enable and configure the model effortlessly. He also discusses the future roadmap for FERN, including explainability features, support for additional entity types, and the continuous expansion of scenarios covered by the model.

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