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Unanswered Threads

  • Posted in: Reltio Connect

    Hello. I'm using the following endpoint to create an RDM export task: export_url = f"{rdm_tenant_id} " Creating an export and getting an email with the exported file ...

  • Posted in: Reltio Connect

    I'm looking at adding in data classifications and a PII identifier directly into the Reltio Datamodel so I've got an easier way to export a Data Dictionary with all the info required for compliance. ...

  • Posted in: Reltio Connect

    Hi Experts , Can you please help me to provide any documentation where I can get the all the points related to the Reltio best practices to implement a data model ? ------------------------------ ...

  • Posted in: Reltio Connect

    we are Getting org.mule.runtime.api.connection.ConnectionException: java.util.concurrent.ExecutionException: Cannot authenticate at auth server, status: 400 while trying to connect reltio connector ...

  • Posted in: Reltio Connect

    Could anyone please advise on the appropriate set of characters to include in the Scrub function of the Reltio String Cleanser to effectively remove leading non-characters as part of our business development ...

  • Posted in: Reltio Connect

    Often we want to retrieve a record spanning many entities and relationships but whilst we know what data items (Attributes) we want to get back we may not know all the connecting relationships so we use ...

  • Posted in: Reltio Connect

    If an outbound SQS event lists only one entity, what does this message indicate? I would have thought that it should always have at least two entities. The first being the one that consumes the others. ...

  • Posted in: Reltio Connect

    Hi All The current Elasticsearch connector provides authorization using following options : none, basic, apikey, Oauth2 token. In the Oauth2 token option there is no option for using client credentials, ...




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Discover how FERN addresses the challenges of traditional rule-based entity resolution by automating high-accuracy, real-time matching with pre-trained models. Learn about FERN's ability to understand subtle differences in match pairs, reduce false positives, and minimize the need for manual data stewardship. Suchen demonstrates FERN's user-friendly interface, showcasing how it seamlessly integrates with Reltio's platform, allowing users to enable and configure the model effortlessly. He also discusses the future roadmap for FERN, including explainability features, support for additional entity types, and the continuous expansion of scenarios covered by the model.

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