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  • 1.  Reltio Loqate Address Cleanser - Recleansing Behavior

    Reltio Partner
    Posted 12-21-2023 09:53

    Context: We have Merge on Fly Disabled on tenant; Loqate cleanser config has OvOnly usage property as True - so only OV values are sent to Loqate cleanser. We have matching & survivorship setup on location which relies on Reltio Cleanser crosswalk having high priority.

    1. When a location crosswalk is loaded – which one happens first?  1. Location Cleansing , which adds Reltio Data Cleanser crosswalk to entity   OR   2. Matching  (as OV value changes depending on Reltio Data Cleanser crosswalk as per our survivorship)

    1. If source crosswalk is loaded on a regular frequency to tenant, does it retrigger (force) recleansing on location profile? If not, when does automatic recleansing happens on entity?

    1. (Part 2b) If there are multiple source crosswalks in a location entity, does it matter which crosswalk (the one contributing to OV prior to cleansing, or others) should get update to trigger recleansing?

    1. If 2 location profiles are merged, we understand that Reltio will drop existing Reltio Data Cleanser (RDC) crosswalks and will recleanse again from OV resulting from the merge. Is this correct?


  • 2.  RE: Reltio Loqate Address Cleanser - Recleansing Behavior

    Posted 12-22-2023 13:27
    1.  Cleansers will resolve before matching
    2.  Since cleanser is set to OvOnly, it will only be triggered if there is a change in the OV value. Because ReltioCleanser is only updated by loqate, it will effectively never change
    3.  From the docs - "When ovOnly is absent or equals false, it means that Cleanse uses all the OV values: "ov":"true" and "ov":"false"." 
      No changes to nonOV values will trigger the cleanser
    4. This depends a bit on your configuration. A merge could result an a change of OV, which would cause a release. 
      1. If you ReltioCleanser crosswalks are entityURIS, you will end up with two cleanser crosswalks. The one with the URI matching the entity post merge will continue to be updated.
      2. If you are using surrogate keys for crosswalks, they will be merged into a single crosswalk

    Joel Snipes
    Savannah GA