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A Sneak Peek Into World of RDM - Community - PPT 

10-12-2023 10:57

In Reltio platform we generally “master” dimensional entities which take part into transactions. Some of the attributes of these entities are called “lookup” or “List of Values”.

These attributes can have predefined limited set of possible values . In large organizations often these are managed at BU level - creating a silo which becomes a hurdle for effective data management.

RDM brings better governance by standardizing these values so that organizations can start bringing different BUs to a common understanding.

Reltio RDM is part of Reltio cloud data platform . It is a separate tenant which can be integrated with MDM platform . Attributes can be tied to lookup types in RDM and then different source values can be standardized to canonica/standard values through a process called “Transcoding”.

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