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Reltio Data Product Customer 360 

05-20-2024 09:01

Join Chris Detzel and Venki Subramanian for an insightful session on Reltio's Customer 360 Data Product, focusing on how AI-driven data unification enhances customer experiences. This webinar covers the integration of first-party and third-party data, interactions, and derived attributes to create a comprehensive, real-time customer profile. Learn about the application of AI for faster identity resolution through the Flexible Entity Resolution Network (FERN), and see a demo of the Gen AI-powered conversational user experience for advanced data exploration and segmentation. Discover the benefits of treating customer data as a reusable product to drive growth, operational efficiency, and compliance.

Key Highlights:

  • Overview of Customer 360 and its importance in today's data landscape.
  • Detailed explanation of Reltio's Customer 360 Data Product features.
  • Real-time data integration and AI-driven insights for better customer engagement.
  • Demonstration of new capabilities including enhanced segmentation and AI predictions.
  • Discussion on upcoming features and roadmap for further enhancements.


  • Chris Detzel, Host and Customer Community Manager at Reltio.
  • Venki Subramanian, Senior VP of Product Management at Reltio

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