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Trend Defining New Ways of Patient Data Management 

16 days ago

This presentation, titled "Patient Centricity: A Pharma Industry Trend Defining New Ways of Patient Data Management" from June 2024, offers a comprehensive look at how the pharmaceutical industry is evolving to put patients at the center of their operations. It begins by highlighting various pharmaceutical companies' mission statements that emphasize their commitment to improving patients' lives and addressing healthcare challenges. The presentation outlines three primary missions for life science companies: ensuring patient safety, delivering optimal experiences, and protecting patient privacy. It then delves into how patient centricity is evolving alongside advancements in precision medicine, digital health, telemedicine, and real-world evidence insights.

The concept of a Patient 360 view is introduced as a key capability for understanding patient behavior and experiences, involving the integration of data from various sources such as patient interactions, IoT devices, clinical interactions, labs, claims, and demographics. The presentation addresses key challenges in patient data management, including fragmented data, rare disease management, data privacy risks, and the industry's shift from outsourced to internalized patient data management. Solutions proposed include creating unified Patient 360 views and implementing compliant-by-design systems.

Patient Master Data Management (MDM) is presented as a core capability for unifying patient data, enabling various use cases such as personalized patient engagement, pharmacovigilance, and clinical trial recruitment. The presentation discusses different scenarios for patient data integration, including handling identified and de-identified data, and provides an overview of various patient data sources categorized into first-party, second-party, and third-party data. A detailed solution architecture is presented, showing how patient data from various sources can be integrated, de-identified, and processed to create a Patient 360 view while maintaining HIPAA compliance. The presentation concludes with a roadmap for evolving patient master capabilities, from foundational steps like data collection and governance to advanced stages involving AI and predictive analytics. Overall, it emphasizes the critical role of comprehensive patient data management in enabling pharmaceutical companies to deliver more personalized, effective healthcare while maintaining data privacy and regulatory compliance.

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