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  • 1.  Sales Force Connector

    Founding Member
    Posted 04-04-2023 15:43

    Hi All, 

    Did not find any information on issues seen from SFDC Connector so hoping this is not a repeat question. 

    Currently the SFDC connector is configured however multiple scenarios are seen based on merges being done in Reltio.
    1. Works 100% correctly -  SFDC merged in SFDC and communicates back to Reltio the profile deleted.

    Scenarios where not correct:
    1. Merge happens successfully in SFDC - however communication back to Reltio is incorrect:
          a.  Both SFDC still show as active in Reltio
          b.  Both SFDC show as inactive/deleted in Reltio

    2.  Both SFDC records are deleted in SFDC from merge request.  Communication back to Reltio:
          a.  Both SFDC show as inactive / deleted in Reltio
          b.  Only one SFDC is showing as inactive / deleted in Reltio  (BOTH are deleted in SFDC)

    The Merge where BOTH get hard deleted is the biggest pain point but need to understand the various scenarios being seen. 
    have engaged with both the Reltio Support (internal for customer) and the SFDC Support (internal for customer)   and they are unsure how to troubleshoot this is is OOB SFDC connector integration. 

    How can I help the technical team research/resolve this? 
     Is it a support ticket to Reltio?
    Have others seen this behavior and have guidance?

    Thank you!

    Angela Wawrzaszek
    Manager, MDM governance and Application Enablement

  • 2.  RE: Sales Force Connector

    Reltio Employee
    Posted 04-06-2023 10:14

    Hi Angie,

    It would be good have a ticket to Reltio support with examples of the records which became inactive in Reltio and/or deleted in Salesforce.

    Just FYI, Salesforce connector calls the Salesforce merge API and supplies the winner and loser records. The Salesforce API them put the losing record in the bin and moves the underlying data like transactions to the winning record.


    Gaurav Gera