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Reltio Integration Hub: An Introduction - Webinar

By Chris Detzel posted 11-01-2021 09:57


Introducing Reltio Integration Hub: Your business has a never-ending list of new data and demands for new applications to be integrated with Reltio, to drive your organization’s digital transformation. So how do you keep up while maintaining ever growing integration landscape, data quality, high scalability and security, and show the business impact of your new digital initiatives?

With Reltio Integration Hub, you can deliver clean mastered data faster than traditional integrations. Using visual design paradigms that make it easy to work with, data stewards and business users can capture complex integration processes and turn into intelligent business automation.

This video introduces and demonstrates Reltio Integration Hub, including: -- Essential capabilities and critical features of the Reltio Integration Hub platform that enable rapid solution delivery -- How to get started with Reltio Integration Hub and how to deliver value fast For more information, head to the Reltio Community and get answers to the questions that matter to you: