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An Overview of Reltio's Suite of Connectors

Reltio offers a range of connectors designed to enhance data interoperability and deliver actionable insights more efficiently. These connectors are designed for different uses and different platforms, ensuring comprehensive data integration.

  1. Salesforce Connector: This connector, called Reltio Connected Customer Data for Salesforce, can be installed on your Salesforce Organization via Salesforce Appexchange. It's designed to bridge the gap between your Salesforce objects from Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Veeva CRM, and Reltio Connected Customer 360. By integrating your data across these platforms, it allows for better customer management and insights.
  2. Snowflake Connector: The Snowflake Connector from Reltio is a game changer for data scientists and business analysts tasked with managing and analyzing data in their organization's Snowflake data platform. This connector streamlines reporting of accurate insights and critical updates, enhancing data efficiency and accessibility.
  3. Google BigQuery (GBQ) Connector: Similar to the Snowflake connector, the Google BigQuery connector is aimed at data scientists and business analysts who manage and analyze data within Google BigQuery. This connector makes it easier to generate accurate reports and quickly address essential updates.
  4. D&B Connector: The D&B Connector allows you to match and enrich profiles using specified entities. Built on the Reltio platform, it provides a rich set of Rest APIs designed for integration with D&B. The connector includes both on-demand APIs (used in the Reltio UI for data stewards to match and enrich account profiles instantaneously) and batch APIs (which enable bulk account enrichment through background jobs).

Overall, Reltio's suite of connectors significantly enhance the versatility of its platform, enabling users to derive greater value from their existing data and platforms.

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5 Benefits to Using Reltio Master Data Management with Salesforce Connector

We saw a need to connect data enriched, consolidated, and built out in Reltio and connect it with various business systems, such as Salesforce. As a result, we built the Reltio Salesforce Connector to address this issue. Businesses often face challenges with their Salesforce data. Fragmented systems result in inaccurate, stale, or duplicate account and contact profiles and unreliable or unavailable customer or lead data reduces sales and marketing effectiveness.

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The Reltio GBQ connector delivers clean, merged, and validated profile data to your BigQuery platform, so that you always have accurate data to inform your analytical and reporting decisions. Ensure that your GBQ tables and views are always in sync with your Reltio data model with a seamless Reltio-managed onboarding experience and an automated Reltio data event streaming process.  

In this video, you'll learn about the Reltio Salesforce Connector. Reltio’s Salesforce Connector delivers your connected customer 360 data residing in the Reltio platform seamlessly into your Salesforce applications such as Sales and Service Cloud. The managed package allows you to provide powerful search experiences for Salesforce users while also bi-directionally synchronizing data between Reltio and Salesforce in real-time. By enabling these use cases, you can enhance the experience and the effectiveness of your field teams by delivering trusted, complete data to your Salesforce applications. 

This guide provides a thorough walkthrough of the installation and configuration process of the Salesforce Connector, a powerful tool for seamlessly synchronizing data between Salesforce and Reltio. It acts as an extension to the Salesforce webinar, diving deeper into the specifics of setting up this integral connector. by adhering to the guide's instructions, users will effectively establish a harmonized data environment between Salesforce and Reltio, optimizing their business processes and enhancing their overall data management capabilities.

This video discusses how Reltio's out-of-the-box Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) connector can enrich your existing organizational data and provides you with further insight into the operations of your customers and suppliers.

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