Reltio Tenant Cloning and Snapshots FAQ

We are excited to announce that we are providing more flexibility and simplification for tenant cloning services and snapshot services by including additional clones and snapshots as well as a lower price point for purchasing even more.

Frequently Asked Question's:

Q: Will my monthly entitlements carry forward if I don't request these operations for a given month?

A: No, these default entitlements do not roll over to the next month.


Q: At the beginning of the year, do I start with 12 entitlements or one entitlement?

A: At the beginning of every month, you start with one entitlement each for a clone and a snapshot/restore. That doesn’t change for the first month of the year.


Q: What’s the process of requesting clones or snapshots or restores? Do I go through my CSM?

A: To request one of these operations, you must raise a support ticket. You do not have to go through your CSM.


Q: If I go over my base entitlement for either operation for a particular calendar month, when will the invoice get generated?

A: An invoice would be generated at the end of the month based on the number of additional cloning or snapshot operations you requested above your default entitlement.


Q: Are the default entitlements per subscription or per tenant?

A: The entitlements are per base package subscription. So if you have three base package subscriptions, you get one clone and one snapshot for free per each of those base package subscriptions.  These entitlements apply only to their respective base package subscription and may not be used across subscriptions


Q: If I buy an additional test package, do I get a clone for that package?

A: No. These entitlements are for full base package subscriptions.


Q: What are the implications for those who have already paid for clones or snapshots in the past and never used it?

A: You now have higher entitlements.


Q: Does the clone/snapshot include my RDM (Reference Data Management) tenant?

A: Yes. Every Reltio tenant is connected to its own RDM tenant. When you request a clone or snapshot of your Reltio tenant, the RDM tenant is included as well.

Tenant Snapshot and Restore

Q: Will snapshots be taken once a month without me asking for it, just like backups?

A: No, snapshots will only  be taken upon request.


Q: What is the difference between a snapshot and the regular backups that Reltio provides?

A: Reltio performs daily backups of all tenants for business continuity and disaster recovery. This is included in your Reltio subscription at no additional cost. A snapshot, on the other hand, is an on-demand operation which has a cost associated with it if you exceed your default entitlements.


Q: Will all snapshots be retained for up to 30 days?

A: If you request a restore, then the snapshot will be deleted after the restore is completed. If you do not request a restore from a particular snapshot, then the snapshot will be kept for 30 days from its date of creation after which it will be automatically deleted.


Q: If I request a snapshot on the 15th of the month and a restore of it on the 10th of the next month, does the monthly default entitlements limit apply to me for the restore?

A: The default entitlement is for a snapshot per calendar month plus an associated restore operation. So if you request a snapshot, you can request a restore of it anytime within the next 30 days starting from the date the snapshot was taken (not from the date of request), regardless of whether the restore falls into the subsequent calendar month. 


Q: Consider this scenario: I request a restore on the 10th of September  of a snapshot taken in August. But I also want to request another snapshot later during the month of September. Will I be invoiced for the September snapshot operation?

A: No, the September restore is coupled with the August snapshot, so you will still have your free snapshot entitlement remaining for the month of September.


Q: Can I request multiple restores of the same snapshot?

A: No, once a restore is performed on an existing snapshot, the snapshot would be deleted.


Q: What is included in the snapshot?

A: Only tenant data is included. It does not include configs, activity logs, and history.


Q: What date is counted for calculating the free limit? The request date or the operation complete date?

A: That would be the date requested.


Q: Is there any data size cap for snapshots?

A: Yes. The supported data size for snapshots for free of cost operation would be up to 50 TB. Please request custom pricing for exceeding this limit.

Tenant Cloning

Q: Can I request partial clones?

A: No, partial clones will not be supported. If you are looking to bring production or test data to your dev environment, then there are other means to accomplish that, such as performing a data export.


Q: Is cloning of history supported?

A: Cloning of history is not encouraged as it inflates the size of the cloned tenant, and will be done only if specifically requested.