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This page is full of questions, blogs and how to documents on the topic of Reltio Implementations. The questions and other content is directly from the Reltio Community. We want to make finding content around Reltio implementations as easy as possible. 

Community Blogs:

If you’ve been paying attention here on Reltio Community, you know about velocity packs and their value in reducing configuration and implementation time. You’ve also probably heard about the Reltio MVP, The Reltio Way Delivery Methodology,  and how it helps Customers plan and phase implementations into short iterations.
Everyone on Reltio Community has likely been involved in an MDM implementation in some capacity. Those who have not may very well be planning for one very soon. That also means that most of Reltio Community has experienced some kind of delay in an MDM implementation or is currently pondering how to avoid those delays.
In today's data-driven business environment, organisations strive to optimise their operational efficiency and reduce costs. Spend analytics plays a crucial role in this pursuit by providing valuable insights into procurement processes, supplier performance, and risk management. However, to maximise the benefits of spend analytics, organisations must ensure their data's accuracy, consistency, and reliability.

Reltio Workflow Customization Document
Workflows can be customized by modifying the business process definition as well as the java code that the process definition is referencing.  The overall process flow is handled by the business process definition whereas execution of platform actions is done within the java code.

Step by Step Guide on Adding A New Source To Reltio
This blog provides best practices for when a new source is being added to a domain, and match rules need to be validated. This blog will list all steps and the order they should be considered. Generally the Professional Services team will consult and guide the client on which steps are relevant for their implementation.

Effective Match Tuning: Design and Implementation
Match tuning is the iterative process of developing match rules while minimizing bad matches, maximizing automation, and preserving system performance. Match tuning is performed using a three-step process, that I call the match tuning life cycle.

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  • How do I add business logic or validation on specific attributes in Reltio? DVFAction function invokes the Data Validation Framework and is inserted into the L3 configuration by the Console UI whenever Validations are enabled. The Console inserts the function into BeforeSave LCA hook, which makes all validations warnings (profiles are saved and the warnings are stored in the analytical attributes as documented). An implementer can decide to add the function to Validate LCA hook.
  • What is survivorship and how can we best leverage it?  Survivorship is referring to how to define the best and most reliable value for an attribute across all of the different sources loaded into Reltio. The surviving value of an attribute is referred to as the Operational Value......
  • Reltio MDM Implementation in Financial domain The financial domain has a lot of components. It could mean insurance (B2B, B2C, ReInsurers, etc), Banking, Wealth Management, and within organizations, management of the Chart of Accounts used to roll up the companies accounting. Reltio has customers in all these domains....


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