Reltio MDM Workflow Management

Reltio MDM Workflow Management

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Reltio Workflow Process Design and Components
Workflow is often referred to as an orchestrated and repeatable pattern of activity. When you consider data governance and how to manage data quality as a whole, it’s important to reach and maintain consistency and repeatable processes. Reltio Workflow is designed to do just that.

Reltio Workflow Process: Deletes & Data Change Requests
We continue our look into the Reltio Workflow process. We’ll discuss some final thoughts of the Reltio Inbox, and go into other out-of-the-box workflows now available within Reltio. Reltio Inbox allows you to view these, and gives you the option to reassign the task to another individual.

Reltio Workflow Customization Document
Workflows can be customized by modifying the business process definition as well as the java code that the process definition is referencing.  The overall process flow is handled by the business process definition whereas execution of platform actions is done within the java code.

Data Governance Part II: Role-Based Workflow and Collaboration Tools
Effective data governance is key to this achievement. In Part 1 of this series, we mentioned how data governance enables consistency, which is the foundation of measurable, reproducible enterprise success. Establishing role-based workflows that help produce this consistent data is the next step. 

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  • Our Initial Workflow Implementation - I am continuing to make pretty good progress with my Workflow explorations and would like to summarize my findings and what I am implementing so far and why.  Since we are new to this I want to make sure that I'm not just doing the age old thing of "if all you have is a hammer...everything is a nail" approach.  
  • Determining who has what Workflow Tasks assigned and how many - I am continuing my exploration of Reltio Workflow and find it's not easy to figure out who has what tasks assigned in the Inbox after a while.  So I am resorting to the Workflow API to see if I can at least pare down the list by assignee with a filter and get my count that way.
  • Custom workflow process - The attached image is the default DCR review system provided from Reltio.
    Where the ID value "decision" is flown through the Gateway to decide "approve" or "reject"
  • Inbox "Teams" - Configuration? - I am starting to look into Workflow for the first time.  Seems like there is a lot to learn in different areas and I am poking around to get a high level idea of the different moving parts.  I've been experimenting with adding permissions  (ie. Role reviewer) and assigning potential matches to other user accounts.  Eventually I'll work on creating my own workflows in the Workflow modeler tool.
  • API's for workflows | details - I am trying to pull out below items. Number of Open tasks, Number of tasks w.r.t Assignee, and Number of tasks open w.r.t Due date.


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