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Reltio Integration Hub with Sajid Sayed at Advarra - Show

By Chris Detzel posted 15 days ago


In this show, @Ayan Basu , Senior Director of Product at Reltio, will have a conversation with Sajid Sayed, Senior Director, Data Science Platform at Advarra about Relito's product Reltio Integration Hub. During this session, they will talk about how Advarra is getting business value from the product and how it has saved them time and money by using it.

Questions that will be asked:
1. What were you looking to solve using Reltio Integration Hub?
2. What were your initial impressions of RIH?
3. What did the process look like to build the integration on RIH?
4. How long did it take you to build the integration on RIH? How did you learn how to use RIH?
5. How easy or hard was it to use RIH? How was the documentation?
6. After completing the integration and putting it into production, how was your overall experience of using RIH?
7. What else do you want to use RIH for?
8. What are some learnings for us as a result of using RIH?
9. Any tips or advice for our listeners who are looking to use RIH? ​​