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Blazing Trails in Master Data - Stories from Women Succeeding in MDM

By Chris Detzel posted 10-03-2022 10:05

 Stories from Women Succeeding in Tech and Technology roles

How do you hire and retain amazing female data experts? Let’s ask some successful women in MDM! In this community show, Megan Gilhooly hosts three female data leaders from Reltio for a no-holds-barred discussion about their successes and aspirations in Master Data Management. Deanne Branham - VP Professional Services, Michelle Popovits - Technical Data Consultant, and Ashley Branham - Data Configuration Specialist.

Through their stories, you’ll learn:

How to get more women into technical data-related roles How these women synthesize work and life commitments
Why we don’t often see female Chief Data Officers Whether you’re trying to hire and retain the best diverse talent possible
You’re a woman trying to make your way in a data career, you don’t want to miss this!

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