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Reltio Community Spotlight: Chetan Ranganayakulu–Freshworks

By Chris Detzel posted 01-30-2023 08:05


Gain insights on Master Data Management from a top-contributing member of the Reltio Community and get his perspectives on managing and optimizing business data 

Author and activist Coretta Scott King once said, “The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members,” and in our Reltio Community, we are made better each day by contributions from data management professionals who take the initiative to optimize their data and share their vast knowledge with others.

Chetan Ranganayakulu, also known as Chetan P in our Reltio Community, has been with us for over a year and is now one of our top-contributing Community members. He not only takes time to engage with everyone and discuss relevant topics, but he also makes a consistent effort to answer other members’ questions and help them find solutions to their most pressing Master Data Management (MDM) problems.

Chetan’s Background and Interest in Master Data Management Technology

Chetan is a Senior MDM Specialist at Freshworks, a San Mateo, California-based company that designs easy-to-use SaaS solutions for businesses large and small. With a dedicated team of IT professionals in 13 locations across the globe, Freshworks serves customers located in more than 120 countries and helps them get the most out of their business software so they can better serve their own customers.

Before joining Freshworks, Chatan held several software engineer roles at Accenture, a global professional services company that leads and implements technology solutions. Throughout his career, Chetan has worked primarily in healthcare and product-based industries, holding a variety of positions including BI analyst, ETL developer, MDM developer, and senior MDM specialist.

Chetan’s initial interest in MDM gave him exposure to its concepts and sparked his curiosity about the technology. And since one of his big goals was to enhance his skills on cloud-native platforms, Chetan decided to embark on a journey into MDM and learn how the software could help manage and optimize corporate data. It was actually in his role at Freshworks where he first discovered Reltio’s cloud-native MDM, and after getting to know more about Reltio, he was able to connect all the dots—from the requirement phase to business understanding. According to Chetan, MDM at Reltio is “all about getting to know your stack completely.”

Since onboarding with Reltio, Chetan has completed a number of key MDM courses and has earned certifications in data stewardship, integration, and configuration. He’s also earned thousands of Engagement points in the Reltio Community and holds the rank of Data Genius! He has pushed his community manager to come up with some other levels soon! 

Reltio Community Earn and Engage


Benefits of he Reltio Community for Master Data Management Professionals

For Chetan, the Reltio Community has been a place where he can consistently learn about company products and share his MDM insights from a 360-degree perspective. He’s also found that providing and receiving inputs to Discussions not only helps increase knowledge but it’s also like delivering a “mutual handshake.”

As one of the most active members in the Reltio Community, Chetan has initiated many important Discussions since 2021 and has touched on a variety of important MDM topics including:

Workflow process and design

Tenant configuration and data migration

Customizing workflows

Token generation

API call for History records

Besides asking and answering questions in Discussions, Chetan has contributed generously to the Idea Portal, a place where members can submit MDM ideas and ask other members to
review and vote in favor of ones they may find valuable and imperative. That said, it’s worth noting that viewing and voting on ideas can increase the likelihood of the Reltio team considering them for utilization, and members can always submit ideas here: Idea Portal

In the long run, Chetan is looking forward to continuing his collaborations with the Reltio team and its Community members, noting that he appreciates what the team has been delivering so far. Things like:

  • Instructor-led training
  • Additional courses highlighting new features
  • Notifications and recordings on webinars
  • Easy access to help from Reltio’s technical staff
  • Community groups including Identity 360, Connect, and Reltio Integration Hub (RIH)

Using Reltio to Solve Business Challenges at Freshworks

Over 50,000 companies currently use Freshworks to help make their customer experiences better, from enterprise corporations such as Office Max, Bridgestone, and TaylorMade to small businesses like DTI Management and aNewSpring. This is made possible, in part, by the company utilizing Reltio’s MDM expertise to improve its customers’ data.

Before implementing Reltio in 2021, data at Freshworks was maintained in different source systems, which made it harder for businesses that relied on Freshworks to make decisions. Chetan’s company aimed to convert “Data > Understanding” into “Data=Understanding” in order to eliminate data inconsistencies and improve the decision-making process.

Once Reltio was put into place, Freshworks was able to attain a “Single Source of Truth” and through complex relation and hierarchical visualization, the company’s customers were able to get more than they expected.

Chetan’s Perspectives on Careers, MDM Software, and Time Off

A career that involves solving complex problems and developing new skills is what Chetan defines as the most rewarding type of work for him. He firmly believes in the proverbial “moment when everything clicks into place,” and Reltio helped him build a digital foundation in which he could make a product into something more than what was anticipated. In Freshworks’s terms: MDM technology has helped improve product definitions to customers who relied entirely on insights drawn from Reltio-treated data.

Looking back at his beginnings in the MDM industry, Chetan says if any organization wants to consider data as an asset, the data must be enforced with a process that provides a valuable outcome. He also notes that appropriate business decisions can only be achieved through cleansed data.

To expand further on what he’s learned from his hands-on approach to MDM, Chetan thinks that an outcome is dependent on how data can best be utilized—and MDM gives a clear path to attain that objective. He says it’s best to adopt a technology that’s able to satisfy the present and future needs of an industry right from the “nurture” stage, not later. Altogether, Chetan believes that the better we can utilize data, the more of it we get–and MDM tools are the go-to option of choice to achieve better utilization.

When Chetan isn’t busy helping Freshworks optimize its client data or collaborating with Reltio, he likes to spend his time traveling and exploring things around him. In fact, he says, “exploration is one of my favorite words in my dictionary.” Chetan also likes to spend some of his spare time dancing, acting, and listening to music.

Travel pic with Chetan!

Reltio Community Earn and Engage

Dancing with Chetan! 

Reltio Community Earn and Engage


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