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Reltio 2023.1 Release Overview

By Chris Detzel posted 02-02-2023 08:02


Join your Reltio Product Managers for a webinar to see what's in the Reltio Connected Data Platform 2023.1 release.

Velocity packs with pre-built data model and configurations for insurance, life sciences, financial services, healthcare, B2B and B2C businesses to reduce time to value. I

Improved Google BigQuery and Snowflake connectors for scalable, reliable integration at the speed of your business to gain timely, trusted insights.

Reltio availability in China for data sovereignty needs, in compliance with all the security and privacy regulations of storing data locally. Enhanced Salesforce Connector with real-time bidirectional synchronization and improved performance

As announced with the 2022.2 Release last year, Reltio plans to retire the Classic user interface with the 2023.1 on 22 February 2023. The new and enhanced features will be generally available February 22nd.

  • 2023.1 release overview of the Reltio Connected Data Platform with three main themes: Data Activation, Data Unification, and Real-Time Performance and Reliability, including new analytics connectors, enhancements in data quality and UI, and improved availability and reliability.
  • New Snowflake and Google BigQuery connectors are launching, which provide near real-time data updates and automated delivery, with comprehensive data types and cost-effective implementation to lower overhead. The connectors work seamlessly with Google Looker (for GBQ) and Snow Site (for Snowflake), and include standard reports available in documentation. The Salesforce connector now has bi-directional synchronization updates, near real-time mastering, merging and deduplication of contacts.
  • Monitor the real-time changes in data quality over a period of time with time series metrics on the interactive dashboard and take corrective actions by drilling down on specific attributes
  • Enhance data quality with the newly added capability in the data validation framework that prevents the creation of bad quality data through UI, API calls, or data loaders by setting up validation rules and error messages
  • Experience improved UI navigation and personalization with the new UI in 23.1 release, including a secondary level navigation, faster and intuitive search, and tenant-specific branding.
  • New URL plans for users will be automatically redirected to the new UI pages with no pre-work required by customers or administrators, starting from February 1st for preview tenants and February 22nd for test and production tenants
  • The new UI will provide additional white space with the ability for administrators to re-layout the interface using the UI modeler
  • Inbox now includes productivity enhancements such as bulk task management, flexible filtering, and multiple filter type selections
  • Data modeling capabilities have been enhanced with self-service survivorship strategy UI under the data modeler console, including the ability to add filters and fallback strategies.
  • A self-service application has been developed for API client credential management, allowing customers to request, update, and delete client credentials, improving security, compliance, and efficiency.
  • Customers now have the capability to delete tenant data, activity logs, or both, in a self-service manner, without having to reach out to the support team.
  • The platform is now available in China and has achieved the necessary certifications and compliances to host customer data locally, enabling customers to expand their businesses within China while complying with local data privacy regulations.