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The Reltio Way Delivery Methodology - Show

By Chris Detzel posted 02-03-2023 11:09


Quick summary of the show: 


  • Chris Detzel , Chris Ilof and Sarah Lyons introduce themselves as directors at Reltio and provide an overview of the topic of the webinar, the Reltio way delivery methodology implementation, along with guidelines for participating in the call and how feedback will be used. They also mention upcoming webinars, including a show with Dimitri on searching data with Reltio APIs, and updates on the Reltio snowflake connector and the Reltio Google BigQuery connector. The webinar will cover the objective and value of the methodology, approach, key assets and templates, resources, and what to look out for in the future. The methodology is described as being prescriptive, covering best practices for deploying the Realto solution, and delivering value in an agile and iterative manner. The high-level view of the MVP project implementation plan will be discussed as an example.
  • The MVP project plan and MVP user stories are standardized templates that have been created to help accelerate the planning and design process for the implementation of the MVP, with each core configuration area or "module" having its own set of standardized user stories.
  • Feedback from the Reltio team during the implementation can now be captured in a consolidated feedback document.
  • Two new assets have been created, a requirements document and a test case document, to help with requirements gathering and functional testing. The requirements document provides a baseline for the functional requirements of the system, while the test case document helps with integrated testing, end-user acceptance testing, and supports the functional requirements. The non-functional requirements will be addressed through questionnaires and early conversations.
  • Review and align checkpoint results across the team for consistent expectations and understanding
  • Complete Reltio Academy training for the customer for a base understanding of Reltio
  • Continuously engage with partners and customers to get certified
  • Ensure good data model design through pre-built configuration and regular indesign demos
  • Foster transparency and understanding of design decisions through improved methodology
  • Avoid performance issues by having proactive explanation of design decisions and impacts
  • Improve guidelines with a focus on what not to do, including crosswalk count in the implementation checklist
  • Assess and address risks in the model phase to prevent performance issues in production.
  • Successful migration to production and final knowledge transfer is performed, followed by a review of any missed steps in the deployment plan and an assessment of associated risks and next steps. A two-week hyper care support period is also provided for any remaining knowledge transfer or immediate issue resolution. The Professional Services team transitions to the customer success and engineering teams, with a conversation about next steps for further data activation and expanding value, with potential continued support from Professional Services. Data model changes may occur in the construction phase, starting with an out-of-the-box solution and making adjustments as needed for organization-specific attributes. The methodology for implementing the deployment plan applies regardless of the delivery model and is included in the cost of Professional Services, with continued enablement and certification through webinars and other resources.
  • Integration points are managed by SIs who also handle the implementation and configuration.
  • Value Assurance is provided by working with SIs to ensure project success and document expertise.
  • Reltio Academy is integrating the implementation methodology into their courseware for better referencing.
  • An announcement will be made when the repository becomes available.
  • The Professional Services team is a resource for questions regarding the methodology.
  • Teams with prior experience with MDM may benefit from different plans than those who are new to MDM.
  • The repository may benefit from a pre-architecture section for Architects.
  • Reloading the data is likely necessary if changes are made in the Construct phase.
  • The Construct phase is accounted for in the plan and may take two to three Sprints.

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01-29-2024 12:54

Can the link to this .ppt be shared.  I have tried searching and can not find.  I would like to look at the various Templates referenced