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Complexity and Importance of Global Addressing - Show

By Chris Detzel posted 04-19-2023 10:50


Kartik Venkatesh, the CTO of Locate, recently spoke about the challenges of global addressing complexity at scale and how their product, Locate, is solving them in an interview. Locate's mission is to standardize, describe, and codify locations worldwide to provide insights and ensure real-time reachability with millisecond latency.

Locate's platform is designed to work with any codification scheme and evolve as the industry evolves, helping every business reach every customer worldwide by understanding locations better than the people who live there. They are investing heavily in ensuring the accuracy and freshness of their data.

To improve their verification and cleansing process, Locate is leveraging AI techniques. They have created 16 country-specific AI parsing models using TensorFlow, resulting in significant uplifts in match rates in different countries. For instance, the United States saw a 7.8% boost, while Indonesia and Malaysia saw over 10% boosts.

However, standardized address data remains a challenge in some countries like India, China, and certain areas in Latin America. To address this, Locate is partnering with local organizations to obtain better hyperlocal data sets and investing in natural language processing techniques to understand how addresses are codified in rural areas. Although they have dedicated teams working on India and China, solving these issues won't happen overnight.

Locate's product technology and professional services are focused on bringing address data quality to all customers and partners worldwide. This year, they are rolling out their Verify AI parser product to customers and partners, which uses AI techniques to standardize address data entry and improve location validation consistency on a global scale.

Kartik Venkatesh's talk sheds light on the complexities of global location solutions and how Locate is addressing these issues. By investing heavily in AI techniques and partnering with local organizations, they are improving their data sets and providing better location insights to customers and partners worldwide. Locate's commitment to accuracy and freshness sets them apart, and their Verify AI parser product is sure to be a game-changer in the industry.