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Maximizing Operational Efficiency with Reltio's API for Real-Time MDM - Show

By Chris Detzel posted 05-17-2023 16:34


Find the PPT here: Maximizing Operational Efficiency with Reltio's API for Real-Time MDM 

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on the innovative capabilities of Reltio's API, which lies at the center of the real-time Master Data Management (MDM). In this article, we delve into how Reltio's API approach shapes the future of real-time MDM and propels businesses to achieve their operational efficiency goals.

The Power of Reltio’s API for Real-Time MDM

Reltio's API is a cornerstone of real-time MDM, enabling seamless connectivity and data retrieval for solving real-time business problems. With its powerful APIs, Reltio has transitioned from a traditional MDM focus to real-time MDM, paving the way for a new era of data-driven decision making.

Key Features of Reltio’s API

Data Ingestion and Connectivity: Reltio's REST API allows real-time data ingestion from applications and data sources, providing pre-configured connectors for Salesforce and integration with Mulesoft. The Reltio Integration Hub enables connectivity with over a thousand applications, bringing their dynamic data into Reltio.

Real-Time Data Lookups: Customers can directly connect to Reltio via the REST API for real-time data lookups. This paradigm shift eliminates the need for a traditional operational data store, ensuring immediate data availability.

ID-Based Lookups: These APIs provide fast performance by bypassing the search index and directly accessing the primary data store. ID-based lookups are compatible with crosswalk IDs and entity IDs, offering robust and reliable data retrieval.

Written Output Searches, Synchronous Matching, and Multi-Entity Retrieval: These specific APIs allow users to retrieve data based on specific criteria, identify potential matches for loaded data, and retrieve multiple entities and relationships with a single API call, respectively.

Reltio’s API: Impact and Success Stories

Reltio's API has demonstrated its efficiency and impact through a variety of real-world use cases:

Customer 1 • Total entities: 55 million • Updates: Over 1 million (average update time: 283 milliseconds) • P95 (update time): 373 milliseconds • Searches: 1.1 million • P95 (search time): 158 milliseconds

Customer 2 • Total entities: 63 million • Updates: Over 1 million (average update time: 508 milliseconds) • P95 (update time): 508 milliseconds • Searches: 653,000 • P95 (search time): 256 milliseconds

Customer 3 • Total entities: 1.1 billion • Searches: 1.6 million • P95 (search time): 367 milliseconds

The Road Ahead for Reltio’s API

The future is bright for Reltio's API, with forthcoming features such as the Search Connections API, which will enable users to retrieve detailed information about specific entities and their associated relationships. The new functionality will further boost operational efficiency by simplifying complex entity searches and providing comprehensive data insights.

The transformative power of Reltio's API for real-time MDM has unleashed a new era of operational efficiency and data-driven decision making. Businesses can now leverage Reltio's API to streamline their processes, improve customer experiences, and address real-time business problems effectively. As Reltio continues to innovate, the API's capabilities will only expand, ensuring businesses can harness the full potential of their data to achieve their goals.

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