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Real-Time Customer API with Reltio Integration Hub and MuleSoft - Show

By Chris Detzel posted 05-25-2023 15:53


Download the PPT here: Real-Time Customer API with MuleSoft and Reltio Integration Hub - PPT

Discover how you can build a real-time, comprehensive customer API that governs the Universal ID and streamlines customer data management. Using real-time APIs, you can gain a deeper understanding of your customers, provide personalized experiences, and make informed, data-driven decisions.

This session will showcase how two different API platforms, Reltio Integration Hub and MuleSoft, can each be used to deploy a single API that any of your systems can use to govern their real-time customer engagements. Don't miss this opportunity to learn how a real-time customer API can help you stay ahead of the competition and drive business success.

Revolutionizing Data Access with Real-Time Integrations: A Focus on Reltio and MuleSoft

The rapidly evolving digital ecosystem has escalated the importance of real-time integrations for businesses across industries. Organizations are now required to swiftly access, distill, validate, and consolidate vast pools of data from a myriad of sources, including first-party and third-party applications. The aim? To enrich customer experiences, bolster operational efficiency, mitigate risks, and provide a host of other business benefits. This post delves into the nuances of real-time integrations, with a particular emphasis on the integration capabilities offered by Reltio and MuleSoft.

The Rising Significance of Real-Time Integrations

Real-time integrations are essentially a conduit for organizations to streamline the process of data management. They enable businesses to consolidate data, which can be leveraged to drive initiatives such as omni-channel engagement, targeted marketing, sales effectiveness, customer centricity, and privacy and consent management. The importance of real-time integrations in today's digital landscape cannot be overstated.

Reltio Integration Landscape

A Comprehensive Approach Reltio offers an extensive integration landscape that facilitates real-time access and consolidation of data. The data ingestion process is designed to collect information from multiple source applications, which can number anywhere from a few dozen to several hundreds. The platform offers APIs, data loaders, and external match capabilities to cater to batch-oriented integration requirements. Additionally, it provides pre-configured connectors for third-party enrichment sources. To further enhance integration efforts, Reltio supports integration with MuleSoft and the Reltio Integration Hub, ensuring economical and consistent communication with the Reltio platform.


Pioneering API-Led Integration MuleSoft has been a trailblazer in API-led integration, offering a standardized methodology to integrations. It allows organizations to expose APIs and microservices for consistent interaction with various applications. By orchestrating these APIs, MuleSoft allows businesses to satisfy the real-time information needs of multiple platforms such as online portals, marketing platforms, and customer support systems.

Real-World Use Cases: Reltio Integration Hub and MuleSoft in Action To better illustrate the capabilities of real-time customer APIs with Reltio Integration Hub and MuleSoft,

Let's examine a few use cases:

  • Online Portal: An online portal seeks to fetch comprehensive customer data in real time. Leveraging Reltio's integration capabilities, the portal accesses the Reltio platform via Universal ID or source-specific IDs, offering a 360-degree view of the customer, including trusted customer profiles, connected system crosswalks, communication consent preferences, and more.
  • Marketing Platform: A marketing platform requires customer data from Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Reltio's APIs, queried via source-specific IDs, retrieve the customer's complete record, allowing the platform to deliver personalized, targeted messaging efficiently.
  • Customer Support: In this scenario, agents need to swiftly find and verify customer information. By querying Reltio's APIs with partial customer details, the system matches and returns the most accurate customer profile, enabling timely and accurate customer support.

Closer Look at Reltio Integration with MuleSoft

To fully comprehend the potential of the integration capabilities, we'll delve deeper into how MuleSoft and the Reltio Integration Hub orchestrate real-time customer API requests. Using MuleSoft's AnyPoint Studio, a flow can be designed that manages API calls and retrieves customer data from Reltio. Depending on the information provided, the flow invokes the appropriate Reltio API, whether to retrieve an existing customer or to perform real-time data matching and create a new customer record.

The integration of real-time customer APIs with Reltio Integration Hub and MuleSoft offers businesses a potent tool to access and consolidate customer data. By leveraging Reltio's capabilities and MuleSoft's API-led approach, businesses can achieve efficient data retrieval and seamless connectivity across systems. The resulting enriched customer experiences, targeted marketing campaigns, and streamlined customer support processes are a testament to the power of real-time integrations.

Stay connected for future episodes of the Reltio Community show where we'll delve deeper into data governance, the impact of AI on the future of MDM, and more. And, don't forget to mark your calendars for the Data Driven 23 event, sponsored by Reltio. This event, to be held in Dallas from October 3rd to 5th, 2023, will showcase renowned speakers from Google, First Tech, Fulton Bank, Abby, Reltio, Liberty Mutual, and more. It promises to offer valuable insights into real-time customer API integration and data-driven strategies. Keep up with the latest developments in real-time customer API integration by staying tuned for our next episode and signing up for the upcoming webinars and events.

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