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MDM a Nursery for Data Governance - Show

By Chris Detzel posted 06-16-2023 12:23

In the era of Big Data and AI-driven decision-making, managing and governing data is more critical than ever. Master Data Management (MDM) plays an instrumental role in shaping data governance within enterprises, acting as a nursery where data governance can be developed, cultivated, and activated. In this informative show, with Chris Ilof, Director of Strategic Services and Chris Detzel, Director of Customer Community and Engagement at Reltio, we will explore how your organization can leverage MDM practices to initiate and nurture data governance.
The session will provide a comprehensive understanding of how these two pivotal components interact and how MDM can serve as the foundation for a robust data governance framework. Key Discussion Points: Understanding the Synergy between MDM and Data Governance: Data governance isn't just about rules and regulations. It's a strategic initiative that ensures data accuracy, integrity, and reliability. We will delve into the intersection of MDM and data governance, detailing how MDM practices support and enhance governance policies.
The Role of MDM in Data Governance Lifecycle: MDM is not just a tool but a strategic approach that influences every stage of the data governance lifecycle, from data creation and maintenance to usage and archival. We will explore these stages and identify how MDM can effectively manage data across its lifespan. MDM as a Catalyst for Data Stewardship: Data stewards play a pivotal role in maintaining data quality and implementing governance policies.
Through MDM, organizations can empower their data stewards, providing them with the necessary tools and frameworks to manage and protect enterprise data effectively. Strategies for Implementing MDM for Data Governance: Initiating MDM for data governance can seem daunting. We will discuss best practices and actionable strategies for introducing and implementing MDM within your organization, ensuring it seamlessly aligns with your overall data governance initiatives.
By the end of this show, attendees will have a clear understanding of how MDM can foster data governance within their enterprises, the benefits this synergy brings, and the steps to take in establishing an effective MDM practice for enhanced data governance. This session is a must-attend for all data professionals seeking to strengthen their data governance through effective MDM practices. Connect to our Reltio Community for questions: