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Exploring the Master Data Management Reltio Dashboard

By Guy Vorster posted 05-05-2021 08:14


The Reltio Dashboard is the default view in Reltio.  This view provides a great deal of high-level information about the information stored within Reltio and offers shortcuts to several different locations within Reltio.

Reltio Dashboard Views

The Reltio Dashboard usually consists of three sections: Profile Stats, Facets, and the Activity Log.

Profile Stats

Profile Stats provides information about the activity on Reltio during a certain period of time.

Reltio 360 Master Data Management Dashboard

The image above shows a sample Profile Stats view.  From this view, we learn that within the last week:

  • 10,175 new records have been imported into Reltio.
  • 145 records have been updated.
  • 1 record has been deleted.
  • 62 records have been matched with existing records.
  • 99 duplicate records have been automatically merged.
  • 2 duplicate records have been merged manually.
  • 1 potential duplicate remains unmerged.
  • 2 records have been labeled as not a match.

This information is displayed both numerically across the top and as a graph.  However, the graph only clearly shows the new records data in this case because the number of new records greatly outnumber any other stat. A user could disable the “New” line in the chart if they would like to see a more balanced view. 


Below the Profile Stats view, Reltio offers a number of faceted views into the data.  A number of default views exist, and it is possible to generate custom views in the Enterprise version of the Reltio Connected Data Platform.  These facets can leverage heatmaps, bar charts and / or bubble charts to provide simple visualizations that users can act on.

Master Data Management Views in the Reltio 360 Dashboard

The image above shows some of the available views in Reltio.  The image in the top left is a heatmap of users that have not verified their email addresses.  The mouseover text shows that, within the state of Illinois, five users have not verified their email addresses.

Clicking on the image of Illinois will bring the user to an Advanced Search with parameters set to find records with invalid emails that are located in Illinois.  From there, the search can be modified and refined, or the user can view a user’s information in the Profile view.

The bottom right facet shows an empty view.  The reason for this is that the current dataset does not contain gender information.  As a result, Reltio does not have the ability to populate that view.

Activity Log

The Activity Log in Reltio - located on the right side of the screen - is focused on the activity of Reltio users.  It provides a complete record of the actions taken regarding the records stored by Reltio.

Master Data Management Activity Filter View Reltio 360 Dashboard

The image above shows some of the filter options available within the Activity View.  This includes everything from group creation to managing matches to actions taken to merge duplicate records.

Master Data Management Reltio 360 Activity Log

The image above shows a sample of what the Activity Log will look like if one of the filters is applied.  In this case, the user searched for cases where a user manually merged records within Reltio.

As shown, the Activity Log provides a detailed account of a manual merge operation.  In this case, the user determined that two records with different spellings of the customer’s first name referred to the same person.  Merging the records created a golden record containing all of the information associated with both versions of the original record.

Getting Started with the Reltio Dashboard

Exploring the Reltio Dashboard provides an introduction into the capabilities of Reltio.  After exploring the high-level summaries provided within the Dashboard itself, clicking on the other links at the top of the UI offers the ability to further interact with your data in simple but powerful ways. 

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Learn More with the Reltio Community

The Reltio Community is a great place to learn more about how to use the Reltio products and connect with Master Data Management peers. Rely on the expertise of Reltio partners, customers, and technical experts.