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Announcing Reltio Learn! Turn data into Action, Value, Insights and Growth

By Haley Zitting posted 04-28-2023 07:21


We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new learning platform,
Reltio Learn!  Reltio Learn overhauls the way you and your organization learns about Master Data Management with Reltio. Designed to help you upskill your knowledge and confidence using Reltio,  Reltio Learn is the place to go for all the training needs required to achieve faster  time to value for new customers and ongoing value through the customer journey. 


With the data industry evolving at a rapid pace, organizations must ensure they stay up to date with the latest technologies, compliance, and best practices. Reltio offers extreme value in this space, but knowing how to unlock that potential value is where Reltio Learn plays a critical role.


Reltio Learn offers a variety of new scenario-based assessments and courses that offer hands-on experience in a tenant, as well as the launch of new role-based certifications! These are foundational and intermediate level certifications designed to help you in your role using and implementing Reltio. We are excited to expand our certification offering, improve on the courseware currently available, and have you engaged in role-based learning! All the content in Reltio Learn is designed to help you realize value with Reltio, quicker and easier!


Reltio Learn also allows you to choose your own learning path and progress at your own pace, while also offering monthly Instructor-Led training courses for those who want an interactive learning experience. Your learning experience is catered to your needs and availability!


Create your Login Today! 

If you had a Reltio Academy account:

  • Visit  Reltio Learn

  • Click ‘Forgot/Reset Password

  • Input your business address

  • Create new password

  • Access Reltio Academy

  • Bookmark and save information for future use!


If you did not have a Reltio Academy account:

  • Visit Reltio Learn

  • Fill out the required fields using your business email address in the email field

  • Agree to terms and conditions

  • Click ‘Sign Up’! 

  • Bookmark Reltio Learn and save for future use!

New Certifications!

  • Technical Delivery Manager: for those who manage and lead Reltio implementations, these certifications develop mastery in Reltio’s methodology and best practices. 

  • Technical Consultant: for those configuring Reltio’s platform and setting up the data integrations. These certifications prescriptively give you the features, best practices, and processes to achieve value within 90 days of the implementation project start and maintain Reltio over time.

  • Solution Architect: for those responsible for the system and data flow architecture in the customer technical stack both upstream and downstream to position Reltio to unlock data value quickly. 


Reltio Learn is a valuable resource as you work towards mastering the art of Master Data Management and Data Governance using Reltio. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, check out our platform and take advantage of the wealth of learning resources available to you!