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5 Benefits to Using Reltio Master Data Management with Salesforce Connector

By Michael Pearlman posted 04-04-2022 10:31


Data is one of the most critical tools for your marketing, service, and sales teams. Reltio Salesforce Connector ensures that you get the highest quality data to enhance insights, aid in decision-making, and improve the customer experience. 

Here’s a quick overview of the Reltio Salesforce Connector and how it can improve your data across all of your Salesforce applications.


What is the Reltio Salesforce Connector?

We saw a need to connect data enriched, consolidated, and built out in Reltio and connect it with various business systems, such as Salesforce. As a result, we built the Reltio Salesforce Connector to address this issue.

Businesses often face challenges with their Salesforce data. Fragmented systems result in inaccurate, stale, or duplicate account and contact profiles and unreliable or unavailable customer or lead data reduces sales and marketing effectiveness.

These issues result in inefficient processes, lost sales, bad decisions, and poor customer experiences.

With Reltio’s Salesforce Connector, companies can avoid these challenges. Reltio Connected Data provides enriched, up-to-date, accurate, and trusted account and contact 360 views. Plus, the Connector helps boost productivity and effectiveness with unified, actionable account profiles. These benefits help companies deliver better customer experiences, increased sales, and better business outcomes.

The Reltio Salesforce connector is designed to facilitate the connection between Reltio, your source of highly trusted, highly complete, enriched enterprise data, with all of your various Salesforce applications in a real-time or near real-time fashion. The Connector synchronizes consolidated, enterprise data from Reltio with all of your Salesforce applications, especially Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, or any of the Salesforce apps.

Users get access to a managed package on the app exchange that is easy to download, install, and configure. The package makes all of your highly trusted, enterprise data in Reltio accessible to your service and sales team operating within Salesforce, while seamlessly synchronizing changes between Salesforce and Reltio. 


Business Benefits of Reltio Salesforce Connector

Ensures Seamless Consistency

The Connector builds consistency across your Salesforce clouds and the Reltio Connected Data Platform. It automatically syncs attributes and relationship data to deliver always-current account profiles.

Everyone will be able to operate off the same clean, enriched data. Whether changes are made in Salesforce or Reltio, everyone will have access to it automatically, in near real-time.

Leverage Out-of-the-Box Connectors

Get started with The Connector in minutes with a self-service download from Salesforce AppExchange. It uses pre-configured connectors and mappings to simplify setup, speed time to value, and lower TCO. Your technology teams won’t have to develop the technology or manage an integration. Plus, Reltio maintains the Connector to ensure that it is up-to-date. 

Unify Account and Contact Profiles

Rationalize multi-cloud and multi-organization Salesforce customer, contact, and even custom object data with the Connector. You will also be able to deliver unified, reliable account and contact data, consolidated from across the enterprise for a single source of truth.


Boost Effectiveness and Productivity

Empower your sales and service teams with enriched, accurate, and consistent account profiles. Your teams will maximize productivity, accelerate revenue, and deliver personalized customer experiences.


The key features that Reltio Salesforce connection offers include:

Get started quickly and easily. Install the app using a self-service download and plug-and-play connector, requiring minimal configuration and IT involvement.

Synchronize data automatically. Ensure that accounts, contacts, and custom objects are always accurate and in sync using real-time or batch mode.

Prevent duplicates. Leverage the search-before-create capability to avoid introducing duplicate account records.

Transform data. Use pre-built mapping to sync account, contact, and location objects with the ability to configure synchronization of additional objects and relationships.


How the Reltio Salesforce Connector Works

Inputting Accounts

Say that you are a rep who interacts with a new prospect and wants to start capturing information. 

When you open up Salesforce, you’ll be able to see if you can enter a record by inputting the information. With the Salesforce Connector installed, you’ll be directed to the search screen before being able to create a new record. This will search both Salesforce and Reltio for any existing contact:

If you enter the information about the prospect and the record already exists, it will tell you where the account data exists, such as Salesforce or Reltio, which could be potentially from another enterprise or third-party source:

With a record that already exists, you can preview it and decide whether to import it:

If you are working with a record that doesn’t exist, it will bring back no results. In this case, you will want to create a new record. You can then enter any relevant information that you have about your new account:

When you create a new account with the Salesforce Connector, it sends the information back to Reltio. From there, Reltio standardizes and verifies the data to ensure it is accurate and, if possible, enriches it with D&B or BvD data. You can then navigate to the same account in Reltio:

This standardized, verified, and enriched information will then be sent back to Salesforce. This bidirectional link means that any changes made to the record in Reltio will be immediately sent back to Salesforce. That means you’ll get clean and consolidated data from Reltio:

Eliminating Duplicates

These features work well for reducing duplicates once the Salesforce Connector is up and running. However, there are situations, especially in the beginning, where you may have duplicate records in your various Salesforce orgs or across multiple Salesforce orgs. In these cases, the Reltio and the Connector handle deduplication.  

In this case, there are duplicates of one account:

If you bring the duplicate record up on Reltio, it will immediately match with the similar account:

Depending on the rules that you set, duplicates can automatically merge. If not, you can view the match and which rules identify it as a match:

From there, you can choose to merge the two matches:

This merge is then sent back to Salesforce, where you will choose whether to merge them and consolidate them or update both records.

Improve Your Salesforce Data with Reltio

The better information you give to your service and sales teams, the more effective they are at their jobs. With the Reltio Salesforce Connector, you ensure that they have consolidated and accurate data to avoid confusion, enhance productivity, and create the right customer experience.

Watch the Demo on how to Use the Salesforce Connector with Reltio: