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Reltio Identity 360 Explained: Unify the Omnichannel Experience using MDM Technology

By Sushant Rai posted 08-19-2021 08:14


Customers expect enterprises to be omnichannel. For all practical purposes, every enterprise in today's technological landscape really is omnichannel.

Imagine a customer makes a purchase on your website one day, and another purchase in your brick-and-mortar retail store the next. Your customer expects to be treated to a single, personalized experience. If multiple fragmented data systems create two parallel customer profiles, the result is unwanted friction that turns the customer away.

Fragmented user experiences are the result of fragmented, incomplete, or duplicated data spread across multiple channels. This situation limits your organization's ability to understand and meet customer needs at every touch point.

The result is a disconnected customer experience, which reduces potential revenues or increases customer churn. The root cause of this issue often comes down to siloed systems not talking to one another within the customer landscape.

As data privacy and consent becomes a greater priority for customers, regulators, and lawmakers, the ability to effectively manage data will become a competitive advantage for agile enterprises.

Enterprises that identify customers in real-time and assign them a single, universal profile can create clean, consistent experiences that delight customers across all touch points. This is the promise that master data management (MDM) offers to complex enterprises.

Master Data Management Made Simple: Reltio Identity 360

Reltio Identity 360 is an enterprise MDM solution that connects all internal, external, and third-party data under a single interface. It brings customer data together to create a single, unique profile with a Universal ID for each individual. This ID works across applications, establishing a consistent user experience, detecting fraud, and streamlining compliance. 

This technology builds the foundation for all consumer engagements — across web browsers, mobile apps, e-commerce stores, email hosts, digital ads, contact centers, and beyond.

So how does it work?

  • The Reltio Identity 360 product aggregates, refines, reconciles and relates data from hundreds of sources to create a single source of truth for every individual profile. These are your customer contacts, consumers, clients, patients, and employees.
  • When the system encounters two duplicate profiles, it delivers high performance, scalable, and agile identity resolution that adapts to your needs. 
  • Built on the flexible, responsive, and scalable cloud-native Reltio Connected Data Platform, Reltio Identity 360 provides an industry-standard personal data model to collect, standardize, and onboard data sources, while loading and consuming data in real-time.
  • Flexible workflows help quickly adapt to changing compliance requirements and elastic infrastructure help you scale up or down as business demands

Reltio Identity 360 Key Capabilities:

Identity Resolution

Use machine learning to cleanse, match and merge person entity data including customers, prospects and other contacts from all data sources.  Create faster and more reliable contact resolution with no coding required.

Universal ID (UID)

Leverage both auto-generated and configurable universal ID data to ensure data quality and consistent operations across organizations. Establish user IDs that follow individuals' behaviors anywhere they touch your organization.

Dynamic Survivorship

Remediate conflicting profile information according to easily configurable policies. Use dynamic and contextual profiles to make it easy to find the insights you need to make fast, data-driven decisions. Resolve inconsistencies safely using high-quality interrelated user data.

Progressive Stitching

Automatically enrich profiles with third-party data to better understand customers and prospects. Add new customer information to existing profiles to glean additional and more accurate insights. Create new data categories for profiles whenever needed.


Use Connected Graph technology to understand relationships and hierarchies across people and households to help find new opportunities to sell and serve. Use those relationships to inform marketing strategies and improve customer communications.


Support data governance and privacy regulations such as GDPR and CCPA with configurable workflows, reference data, task management, granular audit trails and consent management.  Simplify compliance and protect customer trust without impacting usability.


Real-time data correlated with reference data, transactions and interactions leads to a holistic view of the customer’s or prospect’s relationship with the organization and ensures better user experiences. 

Search and Segmentation

Reltio Identity 360 provides lightning-fast searches and on-the-fly segmentation, using the structure of all relationships and connected data to present richer and more precise results. Intelligent indexing ensures that all relevant data is easily accessible for authorized users.

Real-time insights with Reltio Analytics

Use business intelligence tools in a high-performance analytic environment to leverage the power of operational data management metrics and actionable business insights.  Add to the power of Reltio Reporting and create reports with the exact analytics and insights you need.

Data Quality

Maintain ongoing data quality and stewardship with user-friendly tools for data cleansing and matching, reference data management, data validation and reporting. Reltio's primary value comes from enhancing data integrity and enabling enterprises to gain more value from their data.

Reltio Enables Valuable Business Outcomes

Reltio Identity 360 gives enterprises the ability to improve business outcomes in four critically important areas. Each of these improvements builds value that accumulates throughout the customer lifecycle, boosting employee productivity and customer satisfaction all the way down the line:

  • Enhanced Customer Experience. Create dynamic and contextual profiles relevant for different functional groups like marketing, sales, service, and support.
  • Simplified Compliance. Capture and maintain privacy and consent permissions: Configure policies for granting permissions, set their extent, and identify the method used.
  • Fraud & Risk Management. Improve fraudulent behavior detection and feed data back into security systems for monitoring, detection, decisions, case management, and auditing.
  • Process Optimization. Optimize omnichannel processes and eliminate excessive revisions of already-done work by providing consistent and reliable data.

Product Tour

Reltio Identity 360 Tiers

Customers can choose to deploy Reltio Identity 360 through two licensing tiers: Free and Premium. All the features and capabilities described in this blog are available in both Free & Premium tiers. The only difference is the number of consolidated profiles that customers can manage.

Free Tier

  • Up to 10,000 Consolidated Profiles
  • Domain : Person Only
  • Support : Self-service & Reltio Community

Premium Tier

  • Unlimited consolidated profiles with volume pricing. Check the pricing calculator here
  • Domain : Person Only
  • Support: Online

Customers can start with the free tier and move to Premium seamlessly as their data volume increases. For more than a single-person domain (such as Organization or Product domains), choose Reltio Enterprise 360. This solution provides a single source of truth for all data domains to deliver trusted and connected data across the entire enterprise.

Getting Started with Reltio Identity 360

We have a set of great resources to get customers up and running with Reltio Identity 360 in no time.

  1. Sign up for FREE at
  2. Watch a curated list of videos to get you started in no time  
Read our documentation to understand the data model and capabilities in detail