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Reltio’s New User Interface – a New Age for Data

By Sushant Rai posted 10-04-2022 11:33

Aiming to address the current demands of users and to offer a streamlined experience for our customers, we are delighted to share the specifics of the newly updated user interface (UI) for Reltio, which was first introduced the previous year and has now been expanded to include the whole of the platform.

In today’s digital environment, business applications need to have a user experience design that has been carefully considered for them to succeed. Aiming to address the current demands of users and to offer a streamlined experience for our customers, we are delighted to share the specifics of the newly updated user interface (UI) for Reltio, which was first introduced the previous year and has now been expanded to include the whole of the platform. 

Uncovering Reltio’s new UI experience

What exactly is this brand-new, cutting-edge user experience that Reltio offers? For those users who have just been linked with the company, either as customers or partners, it is possible that they have not yet encountered the previous user interface.

We kicked out this endeavor a few releases ago, which would put it somewhere around the year 2021. Up to this point, we have been focusing on one view at a time as we convert and revamp older experiences into more contemporary ones.

Hence, the name given to the comprehensive initiative is the New Reltio UI, which has a user interface that has been thoroughly rethought, redesigned  and redeveloped from the ground up.

How We Addressed the Challenges Faced by Our Customers

Regarding their day-to-day work within Reltio, data stewards, analysts, and business users are concerned about usability and other aspects of the product that are important to them. This has led to developing an easy-to-use, cutting-edge user interface that meets these requirements. Overall, this sums up our major personas in terms of how quickly, readily, and effectively they can obtain information and carry out any of their data stewardship tasks.

Now, users can rapidly browse around our modern interface for a more straightforward experience with a brand-new navigation paradigm and personalize their user experiences with the information that is important to them on a user level. This is made possible by the new Reltio UI. For some, the dashboards look best when they include specific metrics and charts arranged in a particular fashion, but the requirements of other users may call for the data to be presented in a different manner.

Discovering new information or new data is made more accessible with a search experience that is more narrowly focused. Hence, the search feature was one of the first few areas we improved, but with the new spotlight search that we are putting up, it will become much more significant than it already is. Easy comprehension of entities and relationships, whether through a novel method of visualizing relationships in a graph perspective using a variety of data modes or in a relationship view, in which you can have different attributes and directions and other aspects of those relationships, all of which are very visible and very intuitive. You would be able to manage data if you used all of this.


Enhancing the Assessment of Data Quality

Furthermore, we introduced the possibility of validating the data quality at either the attribute or entity levels in a user-friendly way to take in and process all the available information. The nice aspect is that everything is between these two levels, regardless of whether you are looking at metrics for the entity level or the attribute level.

Between the visualization and the data, just one click separates them. One-click will take you to the search results for all the contacts where the full name is incomplete, and from there, you can begin working on completing the full names for each of them. These are the modifications we brought about, wherein you can see data and rapidly act upon any information flowing out of that visualization. 

Improving the Experience of Navigating Reltio

We have completely rethought the experience of navigating, which is streamlined, moving the cursor less often and operating more quickly. Its collapsing navigation means you can easily click on anything, even if you are looking at a particular object or dashboard. Then the navigation collapses, giving you the entire view of the data or the dashboard inside the application.

You can instantly expand or collapse any sections if you forget. Still, with just one click, all your most important features, such as alerts and other items you previously had, are now located here. Your apps are shifting toward having more vertical menus rather than chocolate bars.


Reltio’s Streamlined Advanced Search

With advanced search, it is simple to construct sophisticated searches with many sets and parameters. Any of these searches may be easily stored as a saved search for the user interface for all end users.

Well, a significant change is something that you previously had in the previous user interface and that we are adding to the search. The global search, formerly located at the top right, has relocated. It has been revamped to function similarly to spotlight search. This is easily accessible from the navigation bar, and the results are in the screen's center instead of the upper right corner.

You can quickly go through it and then search for results. While capabilities are identical, the outcomes are quicker, and the performance is enhanced. This modification will make it much simpler to utilize the search function since it will be in the center of the screen.

Replacing the Traditional UI

How will this occur? Today, the new Reltio UI is widely accessible to all customers., We intend to transition all client tenants to the new user interface. The new Reltio UI will replace the previous or traditional UI presently used by customers. Reltio plans to deprecate the Classic user interface on 22 February 2023. But you do not have to wait until February. All users can try the new UI by simply clicking the button “Switch to New UI'' or by changing user preferences. Customers can decide to switch immediately to the new UI. For switching all users to the new UI on a tenant please raise a support ticket. We will use the period between now and Feb 2023 to collect your comments, integrate that feedback, and provide any assistance or support you may need to transition to the new user interface. Whatever input we have received so far is already being implemented, and you will see its effects in the next sprints and weekly releases.

Make sure to watch the New Modern Reltio User Experience Community Show for a full demo of the new UI!