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 Loading more than 10,000 records

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Amanda Wilson's profile image
Reltio Employee Amanda Wilson posted 07-29-2021 09:38
What happens if I load more than 10,000 records into my instance?
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Reltio Employee Guy Vorster
Hi Amanda

Reltio Identity 360 is licensed for free based on a soft limit of 10,000 consolidated records.  Your Identity 360 instance will still keep working just fine if you load more than 10,000 records but you will be in violation of the license terms for the free version.  There are many legitimate cases where you may start with more than 10,000 records.  For example, you may load of say 50,000 or more records across various sources into your Identity 360 instance at the outset with the goal of consolidating that down to 10,000 or less.  So in that case even though you start with more, your goal is to remain at or below the 10k limit so you are good.  If your use case is such that you will end up with more than 10,000, then you can simply upgrade (button directly in the UI) at a very low cost to be able to manage more data.

Regards, Guy