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Founding Member Brian Beil posted 06-22-2021 16:37

Does anyone know if you can specify for the pre-defined DTSS match rules, which rules are auto and which rules are suspect?

I find the documentation to be very confusing because in one place it says that all matches are potential matches between the DT and CT, which would not seem very efficient and introduce a huge workload of adjudicating millions of potential matches.

Then there is a configuration option to choose:  AUTOSUBSCRIBE or MANUAL _MATCH

These options are described in the documentation as:

AUTOSUBSCRIBE:  Automatically subscribe a record in the DT to the CT when there is a match between the CT and DT records.
MANUAL_MATCH:  If there is a match between a record in the DT and CT, create a potential match.

Looking at the definition for MANUAL_MATCH and contrasting that with AUTOSUBCRIBE it would seem to indicate that AUTOSUBSCRIBE creates an auto-match.

Any insights anyone has on this question around DTSS would be really helpful.

Also if anyone has any additional best practices around DTSS with DEA and NPPES that would be great as well.

Thank you,

Brian Beil

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Founding Member David Starnes
Great question Brian! I suspect you (or Reltio Support) can create multiple match rules but I don't know for sure. We currently have auto-merge enabled within our Test tenant for DEA & NPI DTSS data and intend to enable this within Production shortly. We haven't enabled it within Production yet because of issues found with the DEA data and our use of the Location entityType vs nested Addresses. Regardless, I don't believe we (the customer) can configure this ourselves but would love to be proven wrong! :-)
Brian Beil's profile image
Founding Member Brian Beil

Just wanted to provide an update to the group on the DTSS match rule question I had raised a few days back.

I was talking with our Reltio support resource today and he stated that there is new functionality in Reltio to specify Auto or Suspect individually for each DTSS match rule.  So each match rule can be indicated as an AUTOSUBSCRIBE or MANUAL_MATCH.