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  • 1.  External Match on Console

    Founding Member
    Posted 12-15-2021 17:26
    Hi all, 

    Few questions on the External Match on the Console. 

    On Matched Report: Is there a way to keep all fields from input file on the output document,  only a handful will be mapped to the Rules but there are key fields in the Input file that are needed to be included in the Data output?   ie.  Adding Account# from external source,  it is dropped on the output and now to create a cross reference of incoming source to Reltio crosswalk would have to do some sort of vlookup back to original .csv file. 

    On Matched Report:   Is there a way to Add additional attributes from Reltio to the output file.  These attributes are not used in the Match Rules but are useful to have in the output?

    On Matched Report:  All Cross walks will show,  however the information per crosswalk like name, address and active status is not shown.  Appears output shows 'distinct' field values for these and can not tell from report what data is on each Crosswalk?
    ie.   ID                     Name            Address          Status
          Crosswalk 1     abc name    123 address    active = true
          Crosswalk 2    abcd name  1234 address  blank   
          Crosswalk 3     blank             blank               blank 
          Crosswalk 4    blank              blank               blank 

    For Crosswalk 3 & 4 no name, address or status shows because it's value is one of the above values - but which one?   At times that matters when looking at the results.

    On Unmatched Report:   Great!  contains all input columns from input file,  hoping this could same on matched. 

    Thank you in advance,

    Angela Wawrzaszek
    Manager, MDM governance and Application Enablement

  • 2.  RE: External Match on Console

    Reltio Employee
    Posted 12-16-2021 12:15
    Hi Angela,

    According to the documentation, this can be done.  However, you will need to call the external match via the API.  In the documentation ( there Table 5 shows the body parameters.  One of them is selectAttributes which takes an array of uri's for the attributes that are desired for the output.  The example given is:

    Gino Fortunato
    Senior Solution Engineer

  • 3.  RE: External Match on Console

    Founding Member
    Posted 12-16-2021 12:35

    Thank you for your reply.  We do use the external match and have customized some fields and could add additional.   The problem with the external API is there is limitation on the size of the input file.  It is crashing with a Java heap error. 


    Currently it also only runs for the match rules we initially configured in it (3 of them) and for another large file I will receive today for international I need it to run over different rules.  


    Was hoping we did not have to modify the external API program and could just move to the one in the console that is very flexible in what the input file looks like and rules it can run over.   The external API is 'fixed' to how we initially configured it unless we keep changing the API format for each of these files I am receiving.  


    If the console is not able to do this I may have to engage tech support to build me several versions of the API based on each country for fields being sent in rules that can be used and the fields needed on the output.   Variations by country.  Traditionally we built the API for US only matches.


    Thank you again!