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  • 1.  Difference between Reltio on AWS vs GCP vs Azure

    Founding Member
    Posted 03-29-2022 02:42
    Hi All,

    Would like to understand what are the differences on running Reltio on top of AWS/AZURE/GCP ?  How does it impact the customers ?

    For example we use AWS IAM Role to authenticate our Lambda functions for LCA's. Similarly we use IAM Role for Reltio export to S3.

    How does it impact if Reltio runs on top of GCP ?

    Gowthamprabhu Sivaraj

  • 2.  RE: Difference between Reltio on AWS vs GCP vs Azure

    Reltio Employee
    Posted 03-29-2022 17:38
    Hi Gowtham,
    Reltio is architected as a multi-cloud platform and we ensure feature parity between all our cloud deployments. 
    The functionality we offer is the same across all the cloud platforms. 

    The differences you might notice are related to the cloud native services like Queues and Storages a customer might use. Reltio platform support queues for event streaming out of the Reltio platform on all three platforms, and storages across all three platforms for data loads and exports. These are well documented in our documentation portal. 

    We only support Lambda functions as cloud native serverless functions for implementing LCAs today. This is documented here.

    We have plans to change this and uniformly support all cloud native serverless functions in the future. 

    Hope this helps.

    Venki Subramanian