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  • 1.  Our Initial Workflow Implementation

    Posted 10-28-2021 11:10

    Hi folks,
    I am continuing to make pretty good progress with my Workflow explorations and would like to summarize my findings and what I am implementing so far and why.  Since we are new to this I want to make sure that I'm not just doing the age old thing of "if all you have is a hammer...everything is a nail" approach.  So based on what I know so far this is my first implementation.  If you have some suggestions for better ways to do this or other cool things that I'm not aware of please chime in.  If what I'm doing makes complete sense...then let me know that too :)

    Breaking up Potential Match Review into 3 separate RR Targeted Workflows

    • I've created 3 custom role reviewer roles to support 3 separate versions of the Potential Match Review.  All workflows are identical to the default PMR but with a different candidate group assigned.  This allows users to send potential matches to a target audience - while avoiding sending them to users that don't operate in that area.  RR Advisor (to send to our data steward that only deals with Advisor work),  RR Customer (to send to a pool of data stewards that deal with Customer work), and RR Admin - for anything else where they need to send to the MDM dev/admin team specifically.  In the workflows tab in the drop down there will be 3 separate entries for those workflows and so the user would select the version of the workflow that would target that particular candidate group and click Start.  
    • The one issue with the above setup is if an item is sent to the wrong group then it can't later be sent to a user in another group - it can only be reassigned to users within the same group.  The user has a choice to Merge or Mark it as not a match - no option to terminate.  I as a developer/admin could use the workflow api and terminate that task and then it would be available again to be assigned to a different workflow so it gets directed to the correct RR user pool.

    Updating Default Workflows

    I have updated the Recommend For Delete (default workflow) to go to RR Admin - since at this point we don't want folks to delete on their own without our team reviewing it.

    On the advanced search screen the 'Request Match Review' option sends that to the default RR and I don't know how to tell it to go to a custom workflow so I have updated the default Potential Match Workflow to go to RR Customer.  It would be nice we could do a search and send the results to a particular PM in one the 3 separate workflows defined above...but no prompt comes up.  Also, as mentioned earlier...once assigned to a RR candidate group there's no way in the UI to send it to someone in the other candidate group.

    Michelle Popovits
    Empire Life

  • 2.  RE: Our Initial Workflow Implementation

    Reltio Employee
    Posted 10-28-2021 12:14
    @Michelle Popovits this is wonderful and it will be helpful to others for sure. @Chetan P, this could help in some of the things that you were looking to do maybe?  Cool stuff Michelle and thank you for sharing!​​

    Chris Detzel
    Head of Community