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  • 1.  Crosswalk Extract

    Posted 02-08-2022 12:15
    We have a need to extract crosswalk values from the party entity.  For example the name fields that are in the crosswalk only not necessarily the entities OV values. Has anyone done this and if so how?

    JP Belliveau
    Empire Life
    Kingston ON

  • 2.  RE: Crosswalk Extract

    Founding Member
    Posted 02-13-2022 16:17
    If the need is to exact name attrtibutes at crosswalk level for a specific Source System say CRM, then the easiest will be to store them in additional custom attributes like CRM_FIRSTNAME, CRM_LASTNAME etc or as a Alternate Name nested attribute,  populate them during source load and extract as OV. 

    If using additional custom attributes is not desired and have to read from crosswalk only, then export the data using "ovOnly" : false. From the  json for each entity in export use the "attributes" array inside "crosswalk". This array has the uri of the attributes that are contributed by this specific crosswalk. Use this uri to locate the actual value under "attributes" node in the json.  Say for First Name uri will be in attributes.FirstName[*].uri   and value in attributes.FirstName[*].value.


    Sounder Haldorai