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  • 1.  CASS Cleansing

    Posted 11-17-2023 16:08

    We have came across a weird issue where address is Mexico is getting cleansed to US address in Reltio. We raised a support ticket but no help. Hoping to see if someone can help out here.

    Saneesh Pillai

  • 2.  RE: CASS Cleansing

    Reltio Partner
    Posted 11-20-2023 23:51

    Hi Saneesh,

    This is a common problem with most address cleansing tools. They are very good for US addresses, good for CA and Europe addresses, fair for Eastern countries, and poor for others. 

    What I do (in Lower environments) is feed addresses from different regions to Address Cleanser function. Then compare it with the expected result. In case you see there is a difference, try feeding the same address differently. Like putting City and Address line 1 in the same (addr line 1) field or some variations of it. You would be surprised to see that sometimes it works better than when you were doing it correctly.


    Gaurav Singh

    Ex-Deloitte, Ex-Informatica

    Gaurav Singh

  • 3.  RE: CASS Cleansing

    Posted 11-21-2023 06:22

    We are having similar issue where a Spain address is getting changed to a US address.  We logged support ticket for ours

    Edward Synek