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  • 1.  Build delete relations by type

    Posted 06-17-2022 14:05
    Is there an API call to bulk delete relations by relationship type? I'm looking for something much like build delete of entities by entity type.

    Bulk Delete Entities 

    The only real option I see at the moment is to use the Iterate Relations By Type API and call delete on each individual relationship, which would result in ~400K API DELETE calls. That is highly inefficient.

  • 2.  RE: Build delete relations by type

    Reltio Employee
    Posted 07-04-2022 07:04
    Hi Nik,
    Thanks for your question. Currently bulk delete is only available for entities. However our team is right now working on to have "bulk delete" capability for relationships too. The feature should be available very soon in our platform.

  • 3.  RE: Build delete relations by type

    Posted 11-02-2023 12:58

    We currently have the same scenario where we need to bulk delete relationships. Is this bulk delete API available? Can you please share any details on how to achieve this. Thanks!

    Anu Peri
    Medical Solutions