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Confirmation on Reltio SQS Event Messages

  • 1.  Confirmation on Reltio SQS Event Messages

    Founding Member
    Posted 11-09-2023 13:41


    We are planning to use Reltio's SQS message functionality to stream changes that happen in Reltio. As part of that implementation, we understand that Reltio SQS queue can be configured to have Payload type as 'Delta'. Can you help answering the following 2 questions for the approach using 'Delta' payload type-

    1. For a nested attribute, if only one of the sub-attribute in the nest has been updated, can Reltio provide the entire nested attribute data in the payload or just the single attribute that was updated.
    For e.g., In our tenant we have an attribute Engagement which is a nested attribute with sub attributes, Service Area, Country and Expiration Date. So, if the expiration date of the engagement changes but all other sub-attributes are same, in the payload of the SQS message, will we only the expiration date with updated value and other attributes - Service Area and Country will not be sent?

    2. If we are using 'Delta' payload, the output of that payload only contains Reltio URIs of the entity that is being updated. Can 'Delta' payload also support sending the 'Autogenerated IDs in an entity' generated using sequence generator of Reltio.