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  • 1.  Data provider Indicator | Source system conflict

    Posted 30 days ago
    Hi Team,

    I came across below scenario on my analysis through Data provider indicator while loading New data.

    Below is the syntax used

       "type": "configuration/entityTypes/SAMPLE",
       "attributes": {
              "type": "configuration/entityTypes/SAMPLE/attributes/ATTRIBUTE_NAME",
              "value": "Nondata-reltio"
               } ]
          "type": "configuration/sources/Reltio",
          "value": "1xxxxxxx",
          "type": "configuration/sources/SO",
          "value": "123456"

    On Posting the above body through below mentioned link - i am able to merge two crosswalks into single entity.
    Link - https://{env}{tenant_id}/entities?options=partialOverride 

    Conflict faced - While editing entity from front end (UI) with the source system name as "SO" (Crosswalk value as "123456") the value is getting duplicated. 

    Before -
    Value in "ATTRIBUTE_NAME" as Nondata-reltio (Source system - SO)

    After -
    Editing the same from front end UI ( " Nondata-reltio " to " Nondata-reltio-edit" )

    Value in "ATTRIBUTE_NAME"  below :
    1. Nondata-reltio (Source system - SO)
    2. Nondata-reltio-edit (Source system - Reltio)

    Value are not being edited, values are duplicated leaving the actual value behind.

    Is this behaviour expected or do we have any workaround to overcome the same.

    Chetan P

  • 2.  RE: Data provider Indicator | Source system conflict

    Reltio Employee
    Posted 28 days ago
    Hi Chethan,

    Yes, this is expected because when you edit a profile from Reltio UI it cannot overwrite the attribute value(s) contributed from non-Reltio systems. Rather, its inserts a new value and ignores the existing OV value. This is working as designed .

    Snehil Kamal
    Solution Architect