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  • 1.  Data Publish Approach

    Reltio Partner
    Posted 08-14-2023 17:27

    Hi Reltio team ,

    As per our current implementation Location is a reference entity for HCP / HCO.

    We export through Reltio's Export capabilities filtering on date range. Reltio identifies delta for all the related HCP / HCOs, even in case there is a change in the associated location. Overall this behavior of Reltio Export process is consistent for any reference entity. In fact, it gets a delta even if there is a change at crosswalk level not at OV value (e.g -  same location came as a new from other source but really no impact on OV value). So we are trying to optimize the delta -

      1. We are looking to get delta HCP / HCO ignoring the updates on Location entity (Ref) ? Is there a way to identify that true delta for HCP/ HCO depending upon some Date Attribute (Reltio Load Date) ?
      2. Is there any way, we can export the records for which there is data change in OV values considering the Location changes?

    Basudha Ghosh
    Berkeley Heights

  • 2.  RE: Data Publish Approach

    Founding Member
    Posted 08-16-2023 09:54

    Hi, Please find my thoughts below
    a. If change in location entity results in change of ov value of reference Address attribute then only export should be triggered for linked HCO/HCP. You should try immutable configuration to ensure a change in Address shuoldn't change the location at first place as several entities must be linked to  a particular physical location
    b. Ideally OvOnly and activness parameter should take care of this

    Ashish Rawat
    Sr. Manager
    Fresh Gravity