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Engage & Earn Roundup - March 2024

  • 1.  Engage & Earn Roundup - March 2024

    Reltio Employee
    Posted 04-03-2024 12:05

    Welcome to the veterans of Reltio Connect and the 200 new Reltio Connect Users that joined this past month! We're looking forward to your engagement and contributions to the Data Management space.

    As such, we like to do a monthly roundup of those who have taken part in our Engage & Earn program- a way to be recognized for your contributions to Reltio Connect every month. Want to earn badges and swag? Start engaging today!

    It's great to have a full profile - @rohit verma did just that this past March.

    ...that way- you know who's who around Reltio Connect and network with other data professionals- just like @Jaiwardhan Pathak and @Solleti Sudheer Kumar who earned their "I'm Connected" badge.

    and these members are well on their way to racking up more engagement points since they earned their "5 Discussions Posted" last month - @Vivian Wu @Nidheesh Radhakrishnan @Shreya Datta and @Nidheesh R.

    Thanks to those mentioned and even those not mentioned for your contributions to Reltio Connect last month!

    Chris Detzel
    Director of Customer Community and Engagement