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  • 1.  Export and Bulk update on Ignored and pinned attribues

    Posted 07-12-2022 02:44

    Hi Team,

    Is there a way in Reltio to export the attributes that are ignored and do a bulk operation on them so that they become active or unignored.

    Example : Address is an aggregated attribute, so many times we just ignore the attributes that we don't want, but due

    to some issues, we want those ignore address's to be active again.

    Thanks & Regards,

    Anush Antony

    Antony Anush

  • 2.  RE: Export and Bulk update on Ignored and pinned attribues

    Reltio Employee
    Posted 07-12-2022 22:20
    Hi Antony,

    I believe I can help with your question. Before I provide a full response, can you quickly confirm something for me?

    When you talk about attribute values being "ignored" and then "[made] active again," I believe what you're referring to is a concept on the Reltio platform that we call operational values (aka, "OV"). The current OV values of the attributes of an entity (or a relationship) represent the best/winning/surviving value(s) of the attributes and are typically an aggregation of values from the many sources that feed into a customer's tenant. Reltio is unique in the MDM industry in the way it allows OV and non-OV attribute values to be simultaneously persisted and maintained when crafting the view of the so-called "golden record" for an entity/relationship.

    A good place to read more about this topic is the section in our documentation on survivorship rules:

    Can you confirm, based on the above, that this is what you were referring to in your original question? In other words, you are looking to export non-OV values and then use the exported results to flip all or some of the non-OV values back to being OV values?

    Best regards,

    Jack Hain
    Senior Product Manager
    Reltio, Inc.

  • 3.  RE: Export and Bulk update on Ignored and pinned attribues

    Posted 07-13-2022 00:52

    Hi Jack ,

    Thanks for your response!

    Yes, I'm referring to the non OV as an export.

    There is an an option to export OV or NoN OV, but in this case the Non OV values are ignored by the user 

    manually, and after export we need to identify the ignored attributes(non OV ) and somehow make those OV again 


    Antony Anush

  • 4.  RE: Export and Bulk update on Ignored and pinned attribues

    Reltio Partner
    Posted 07-13-2022 09:33
    There is not presently great functionality as regards attribute values that have been "ignored" as we see in your screenshot. I think in order to get a report (aka extract) of those values, you will need to write a separate utility in python or java that scans the tenant looking for ignored values. I've done this in the past for similar reasons, but unfortunately no longer have any actual code to share with you.

    Curt Pearlman
    Agoura Hills CA