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  • 1.  Google Big Query Entities

    Posted 03-07-2023 11:32

     Regarding entities - Are the crosswalk level attributes like OV and non-OV available within the crosswalk array?

    James Mattheiss
    Scholastic Inc
    New York NY

  • 2.  RE: Google Big Query Entities

    Reltio Employee
    Posted 03-07-2023 11:37

    Hi James,

    We do have the option to include OV and non-OV, that's a configuration study. We also have an option to just have the operational values, right? The single source of truth. I don't want to worry about the non-OV. There's a configuration option within the GBQ Connector to give you that. But we offer OV and non-OV as default.

    Jon Ulloa

  • 3.  RE: Google Big Query Entities

    Posted 03-07-2023 12:05
    Hi Jon:

    Thank you for the reply to my question during the presentation. 
    Visibility to Non-OV values at the entity crosswalk level is an important requirement in our implementation. Being able to identify when contributors to the same entity have different attribute values points out possible synchronization issues across our enterprise.

    We have an existing process that builds a GBQ table which contains the "Golden Record" entity information and the corresponding crosswalk data with the crosswalk values regardless of ov_status.

    Simple example:
    Our Organization entity has an AccountStatus attribute with the values Open/Closed.
    Survivorship is driven by the Src_System precedence of (System-A, System-B, System-C, . . .).
    We event our when the "GoldenRecord" AccountStatus is changed based on changes made by System-A, and System-B is expected to "follow along" with System-A's value.

    We need to be able to identify cases where the AccountStatus as contributed by System-B doesn't match the value contributed by System-A.  We can't do this without the non-OV values on the crosswalks.

    Our current analysis process builds a GBQ table with the GoldenRecord information and nested crosswalk information with non-ov values.
    Jim Mattheiss
    Scholastic Software Technology Services