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  • 1.  Reltio-Redshift Integration

    Reltio Partner
    Posted 08-30-2023 07:29


    We want ways to do a seamless Reltio-Redshift Integration.
    We pull a daily extract of Reltio data into our S3 from there, data is pushed to Redshift (EDW).
    But whenever a history data fix is performed on say during a recent history data fix, one particular attribute, almost all of entity profiles say 2million profiles and that attribute is also being referenced in other entities, it reflects as if all 2M profiles across all three entities are updated and the export would be much larger for that day to export into S3(~6-7million profile updates)
    This takes more resources to process these files.
    For Snowflake we do have a direct connector which we understand is a seamless sync up of data between Reltio and Snowflake warehouse. 
    Is there any such option for Redshift to auto sync data from Reltio?
    Another question is that if we explore RIH to create direct connections and recipes between Reltio and Redshift,  how would it scale up for history loads? Any insights into this would be helpful.

    Anuja Handa

  • 2.  RE: Reltio-Redshift Integration

    Founding Member
    Posted 09-05-2023 12:38

    Hi Anuja,

    One thing to note is, You can use RIH if your Redshift is public facing, if not, you may need to setup an agent in your network, and once your load runs on the agent it mainly depends on how the agent is performing. 

    Gowthamprabhu Sivaraj